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Patrick McHenry, North Carolina's only not-gay Congressman, announced this week that he won't be running against Kay Hagan for US Senate. Smart move, Pat.

More McHenry sleaze

Nothing surprising here:

Wesley Clayton Golden is a confidant of Patrick McHenry who used to sit on a key McHenry campaign committee. Golden, a local conservative activist and former Cherryville city councilman, was arrested by the FBI yesterday as part of a massive bribery and extortion ring. Details are still pouring in around the arrests, but one thing is certain — it is scary that McHenry kept this man so close to this campaign.

Keever v. McHenry

It's hard to find a soul in North Carolina who thinks Congressman Patrick McHenry is much of an asset to the human race. Sure there are many riding his coattails to personal advantage, and many more who count on him to be a shill for right-wing extremism. But I've yet to meet a single person who considers him to be a person of honor. Few mothers want their kids to grow up to be like Pat McHenry.

Fortunately, the new 10th Congressional district has an excellent Democratic candidate challenging McHenry this fall. Patsy Keever is a straight-thinking woman of integrity and decency. She deserves our support.

From her campaign manager:

Keever campaign memos shed light on her primary victory over Bellamy

By Jake Frankel, Mountain Xpress, 5/22/2012

A look behind the scenes of Rep. Patsy Keever's successful Democratic primary campaign in the 10th Congressional District sheds new light on how she was able to triumph over her main rival, Asheville Mayor Terry Bellamy.

Despite Bellamy's head start and fundraising advantages (which led some commenters to dub her "the frontrunner"), Keever garnered 58 percent of the vote to Bellamy's 27 percent. Rutherfordton resident and political newcomer Timothy Murphy received almost 16 percent of the total. Keever's margin was even bigger in her home turf of Buncombe County, where she got about 67 percent of the vote to Bellamy's 28 percent and Murphy's 5 percent.

Among some observers, the results have raised doubts over Bellamy's political career. Meanwhile, the Keever campaign credits the strength of its candidate, as well as smart strategy – two things it's eager to highlight as it gears up to try to unseat powerful Republican incumbent Patrick McHenry in the fall.

Inside track
According to an internal Keever campaign memo that was recently shared with Xpress, her campaign commissioned a poll in February that provided essential data about the newly formed district and how best to proceed. Before the campaign even kicked into gear, the team learned from polling information that Keever led Bellamy by more than 2 to 1 in Buncombe County and that she would likely get a minimum of 55 to 60 percent of the primary vote here. The poll also showed that both candidates were relatively unknown in the other counties in the district, which was redrawn last year to include most of Asheville for the first time.

That allowed the campaign to focus all of its resources on reaching out to other parts of the district, which stretches southeast from Asheville all the way to Gaston County. Meanwhile, Bellamy had to spend valuable campaign resources on trying to rally voters closer to home.

Pat McHenry's creepy closet

Long-time BlueNC readers know that Congressman Patrick McHenry ranks among the most hypocritical of all elected officials when it comes to so-called family values. Will this be year his closet door swings open? Challenger Ken Fortenberry sure seems to think so.

Another great woman joins the fray

This is good news.

Patsy Keever, a member of the NC House from Asheville, will announce her candidacy for the 10th Congressional District Democratic nomination on Thursday.

Keever, a former school teacher, will make her announcement in Gastonia, the home of incumbent US Rep. Patrick McHenry. She will make her announcement at 1:30 p.m. on the steps of the Gaston County Courthouse.

Check her out.

NC-10: Help us create jobs

There are a lot of issues facing our nation right now, but none are more important than creating jobs and reenergizing our economy. No one knows that better than me. I’ve seen this recession first hand as Mayor of Asheville and I know the toll it’s taken on thousands of middle-class families right here in Western North Carolina.

But I know that we can overcome anything as a nation if we work together – and while Washington may have forgotten that, we never will. That’s why I’m excited to announce a brand-new project as part of our campaign that will help us come together as a local community to create good jobs.

Today, we’ve launched – a new website where community leaders, small-business owners, and middle-class families can share ideas to create jobs. Submit your idea here!

NC-10: Let's clean up the mess in Washington!

In case you haven’t heard yet: I’m in. I’m officially running for United States Congress!

I decided to run because I believe now is the time for bold new leaders to take over and clean up the mess in Washington. The philosophy that I’ve governed with as Mayor of Asheville is the same I will take with me to Congress: grow, when it’s time to grow; cut, when it’s time cut; and lead when it’s time to lead.

North Carolina is ready to see change in Washington, but we won’t be able to do that if we keep sending Republicans like Patrick McHenry back to Congress. If we don’t act, we’ll never see different results.

Take a moment to watch our introduction video and learn more about our campaign for Congress!

Mayor Terry Bellamy (Asheville) to challenge McHenry

Why NC-10 has put up with being represented by a clown like Patrick McHenry is beyond me. Very glad to see him getting a serious challenger from Terry Bellamy. Announcement below the fold.

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