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Andy Millard for NC 10

I confess to being a bit out of the loop this year. I haven't been paying a lot of attention to Congressional races other than Thomas Mills, who I hope will kick Richard Hudson's butt out of Congress. But over the weekend, did quite a bit of reading about Andy Millard, who's running against the biggest sleazeball in Congress, Patrick McHenry.

McHenry shows his ignorance on payday loans

Telling a story, in more ways than one:

McHenry told a story about growing up and seeing his father loan one of his landscape company employees $20 on a Thursday to make it to Friday's paycheck and how that helped.

"I'm worried about somebody who has a car that breaks down, who has a refrigerator break down and they have two kids at home who need to eat, and they need to make it to Friday to get their paycheck," McHenry said. He said people living on the edges need a regulated way to make it to their next paycheck. Those against payday lending don't know what it feels like to live from paycheck to paycheck, he added.

On the contrary, many of those leading the opposition to payday lending have first-hand experience with these loan sharks:

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