Paul O'Connor

A timely column by Paul O'Connor about "big government" Republicans

An interesting test of wills coming up. So many town and county leaders in North Carolina have long worn their right-wing credentials like badges of honor. Now that the GOP in Raleigh is stomping all over their local authority, will mayors and county commissioners continue to support them, or are we reaching another tipping point?

The governing mob believes that when it comes to North Carolina affairs, all the wisdom resides in Raleigh, more accurately, in themselves. And they believe this even though four short years ago, and for the 110 years or so before that, they were the biggest proponents of letting local governments run local affairs in this state minus interference from Raleigh.

Woe Is Me

Paul O'Connor wrote Sunday in the Winston-Salem Journal about how "Politicians work hard to control the message", in an article about

...moves made by state officials to reduce press access and manipulate coverage.

When you click in the Printer-Friendly version of his story you get this message at the footer:

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'He might be seen as Art Pope's tool'

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Paul O'Connor, a columnist for the Winston-Salem Journal, has written an interesting piece about a slim-to-none scenario that could unfold in the 2008 gubernatorial race. He apparently agrees with me that the candidates in the general will be Beverly Perdue and Fred "the Asphalt King" Smith. In the column, O'Connor lays out the makings of a "perfect storm" (some of which seem likely to happen) which leads to this conclusion:

The scandals involving Democratic House Speaker Jim Black get worse. Either Black gets indicted or others do. People go to jail. Hillary Clinton leads the 2008 national ticket, and there is no strong Democratic challenger to U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole. Lt. Gov. Beverly Perdue and Treasurer Richard Moore have an ugly primary in the race for governor.

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