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Guvnor Pat gives Tillisberger a good laugh

Guvnor McClueless continues to operate under the delusion that he is somehow relevant in state government, although most everyone realizes that he's Tillisberger's hired pen, nothing more.

He recently offered two more humorous demonstrations of his view from his home in Alternate Realityville.

First, he summoned reporters to tell them what would happen if the House and Senate can't agree on a budget. It boggles the mind why any of the reporters bothered to show up, but they did, and Pat gave them the lowdown.

McCrory called reporters to his office on Monday afternoon to let them know he has told Budget Director Art Pope to issue a directive letting state agencies know how they should proceed if the current two-year budget isn’t amended in the next eight days – which is pretty much the whole reason the legislature is back in town for the short session.

The Tillisberger police arrest more people

The Capitol Police undoubtedly believe they're fighting a losing battle. They spend their days in court to get random rulings of convictions or acquittal for people they arrested last year. They probably would like to just do their job and keep people in and around the State Capitol safe.

But Tillisberger keeps telling them to arrest people. Most recently, they passed new rules intended to infringe on people's First Amendment rights. Despite the fact that a judge issued a restraining order saying the new rules can't be enforced, Tillisberger told their enforcers to arrest people again.

Phil really hates music. Except for his violin solo played while North Carolina burns.

Tillisberger's anti-Moral Monday rules challenged in court

In their continuing quest to arrest people who don't agree with them, the NC GOP rushed through rules changes that apply to the legislative building, just before the first Moral Monday of this session. They did this with no notice and no public input (sorry, we know that goes without saying, since they do most everything with no notice and no public input).

Now the NAACP is challenging those rules in court.

The state chapter of the NAACP and other protesters are seeking to overturn rules that limit demonstrations at the Legislative Building.

Berger's PR stunt working like a charm

In today's mile-a-minute world, illusion is often more compelling than reality. That's certainly the case with Daddy Berger's political stunt yesterday, in which he single-handedly wrapped North Carolina pundits around his middle finger. Even Thomas Mills seems to have gotten caught up in the fantasy.

So far, I’ve disagreed with almost everything Phil Berger’s done and I probably will in the future. However, I believe that as a state and nation we need to have both sides listening to each other instead of demonizing each other. I hope that Senator Berger is sincere. After steering the state hard to the right, it’s time for somebody to bring it back to the middle.

Berger has no leg to stand on

Phil Berger isn't just being his usual mean, evil self when cutting teacher assistants. No, he's relying on research!

Senate leader Phil Berger, an Eden Republican, said in an interview that he is relying mainly on research from Tennessee and the United Kingdom that casts doubt on the effectiveness of teacher assistants in helping students learn

First, we must beware when a tea party goon tells us that he is relying on research -- keep in mind that this is the party of climate change denial and a 6,000-year-old earth. Second, when anyone tells you that they're relying on two studies, they're probably cherry-picking data and very often trying to contradict the main body of research.

But it doesn't get much worse than having the author of one of the studies you cite tell the world that you're lying.

Delusional Pat issues "stern warnings"

To his credit, DAG McCrony has criticized several aspects of the NC Senate's off-the-rails budget. We suspect that's more because the Senate thoroughly ignored Pat's budget than it is about actual policy decisions. Still, having the governor call out some of the more extreme budget measures, and saying he disagrees with them, is likely to be useful.

But it also demonstrates Pat's delusions once again, as if he hadn't demonstrated his mental shortcomings enough already.

Pat issued "stern warnings" about the NC Senate's loony budget and said it would be tough to reach a budget compromise.

With the Senate’s stance, however, McCrory said compromise in the end may prove difficult.

NC Senate budget a study in cruelty

The details of the NC Senate's extremist budget of pain are trickling out.

In addition to forcing teachers to give up career status ("tenure") to get raises, those raises would be funded by deep cuts in other education funding, including closing HBCU(s), insufficient textbook funding, cuts to school nurses, cuts to CPI, cuts to driver education and slashing almost all teacher assistants.

But, as usual, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Not content just to keep half a million North Carolinians from having healthcare coverage by not expanding Medicaid, they're now contracting Medicaid.

I don't envy my friends who are teachers

Dear teachers,

After years of toiling out of the spotlight, you've been cast to center stage, with everyone and her sister giving you advice about doing your jobs and navigating the political waters. I personally have been inspired and moved by your collective actions in the face of relentless GOP assaults over the past year.

As I think about the challenges ahead, I don't envy you. You're being asked to sacrifice teaching assistants, textbooks, and facilities ... and to surrender what small amount of job security you currently have.

In short, you are being divided and conquered, played one against the other, with callous disregard for your work, your passions, and your prosperity. You are pawns in a Republican game, pure and simple.

Teacher raises funded by other education cuts

In their big press conference yesterday, Phil Berger & the Bergerettes loudly proclaimed that they were going to provide the largest teacher pay raise ever in North Carolina's history. When asked how they would pay for it, they less loud.

During a news conference Tuesday, Senate leaders bragged that their spending plan would be the largest pay increase for teachers in the state's history. But they declined to say at the time how they would fund that pay boost without a tax increase.

Today we see why they weren't telling how they plan to fund the teacher raises: they want to slash teacher assistants and slash other education funding to pay for teacher raises.

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