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Telling the Story of a Republican Raleigh through Shareable Infographics

There are a lot of ways to talk about the North Carolina General Assembly, and a lot of issues to talk about. So I've decided to document some resources from the Young Democrats of North Carolina you can share to help tell the tale of a weak Governor and a legislature that's gone off the rails. I encourage you to share these far and wide!

First, this very week our Governor broke a big promise:

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What They Really Meant

We all know the old joke about how to tell when a politician is lying...his or her lips are moving.

It took some of the biggest lies ever, leading to flash BS flood warnings in downtown Raleigh, to ram through the abortion near-ban bill in the NC Senate.

Proving they have no shame, the Warriors on Women (a few of whom are women) produced some real whoppers. Here's one; there's more at BackwardNC.


"We have an obligation to protect the health of the people -- the women -- that go to these clinics," Berger said. "Anyone who is interested in having safe abortions in North Carolina has nothing to fear from this bill."


More National Embarrassment

ThinkProgress is cross-posted at People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch.

Guvnor Pat must be SO proud! He's not just the laughingstock of the state, he's the laughingstock of the nation!

North Carolina previously was known as a progressive, vibrant Southern state. Now it's known as Alabama's and Mississippi's disadvantaged sibling.

What North Carolina needs

North Carolina is a great state with many assets. Like any other state, it has problems, issues and concerns. People have legitimate differences about how to address challenges such as:

  • ensuring free and fair elections
  • reducing unemployment and creating good jobs
  • finding an equitable way to raise the money needed to deliver government services
  • improving our educational system
  • ensuring a healthy business climate
  • preserving a healthy environment for future generations

Of course, there are many more, and there are various ways to address these challenges, and reasonable people have different philosophies and approaches.

Phil Berger: Middle class tax increase = more freedom and control

Maybe our friends at NC Policy Watch will do a line-by-line rebuttal to this official spin from The Master of Deceit. This was received via email by a friend from Phil Berger's spokesbot.


Dear Ms. Jones:

Thank you for your email – and for your honest feedback. Senator Berger values the opportunity to hear from constituents across the state and sincerely appreciates your taking the time to write. North Carolina’s tax code is outdated and its taxes are excessive. It’s no coincidence that North Carolina has the highest taxes in the Southeast and one of the worst employment rates in the country. States that have no income tax are the very same states that have a booming economy and job growth. States that have high income taxes are struggling.

No appetite

Please check out our new video No Appetite from YDNC on Vimeo.

Call Senator Phil Berger at (919) 733-5708 and ask him to stop his Middle Class Tax Hike.

NC Senate to school kids: We gotta give more tax breaks to rich guys, so no books for you

If you think we're kidding, think again. Your kids are getting screwed so Art Pope can shave another million off his tax bill. NC Policy Watch breaks it down.

Poll shows Senate, McCrory budgets have misplaced priorities

Originally posted at

Funding a new Voter ID law is not as high of a priority for North Carolina voters as saving teacher assistants according to a Public Policy Polling poll commissioned by the Young Democrats of North Carolina.

Only 10% Support Berger Plan

Originally posted at For those with tl;dr attention spans, here's a link to the poll itself - crosstabs and all.

Only 10% of North Carolina voters surveyed support a tax plan before the North Carolina Senate according to a Public Policy Polling poll.

81% of voters - including 79% of Republicans - oppose tax reform that would lower state income taxes, the corporate tax, and business franchise tax rates while cutting state spending, raising the tax on groceries by 225%, taxing over 100 goods and services that are not currently taxed, and taxing prescription drugs like any other product. Full results here.

"An overwhelming majority of North Carolina voters are opposed to Senator Phil Berger's working class tax hike," said YDNC President Sam Spencer. "Senate Republicans need to take a long, hard look at whether they're willing to pay the electoral price for supporting Berger's plan. Voters have no appetite for a Republican grocery tax hike."

Young Democrats Oppose Grocery Tax Hike

Just wanted to share y'all on our press release. If you'd like to share the graphic on Facebook, click on it below.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013
10:00 AM
Contact: Sam Spencer
Phone: (919) 322-YDNC


Young Democrats Oppose Grocery Tax Hike
The Koch Family Would Pay $494.53 in Grocery Taxes Every Year Under Berger Plan

The Young Democrats of North Carolina released the following informational graphic opposing Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger's working class tax hike:

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