Phil Berger

Berger & Hunt all atwitter

It seems that teachers at at least one school are staging a (mild) protest.

The people responsible for repeatedly kicking teachers in the teeth are inexplicably incensed about this.

Yes, policies really do have impacts

DAG McCrony and the Tillisberger were hellbent on refusing the federal money for Medicaid expansion. These are our tax dollars, already paid, that now go to places with more enlightened governors, which even includes Ohio and New Jersey.

DAG McCrony and Tillisberger were warned repeatedly that this stupidity would have real repercussions in North Carolina -- not only for the 500,000 people who would be denied healthcare benefits (DAG McCrony and Tillisberger have demonstrated repeatedly that they don't care about them), but also for hospitals, many of which are corporations, and all of which provide jobs.

GOP hangover

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After a 6-month drunk-on-power binge during which the unruly GOP mob ran roughshod over the entire state and had their way with the people of NC, they just recently woke up hung over and naked in a ditch by the side of the road.

[As consciousness starts to return, DAG McCrony, Tillis and Berger discuss the circumstances]

McCrony: What happened?

Berger: I’m not sure. Damn! My head hurts.

Tillis: I remember something about a budget. I need some coffee!

Berger: And abortions. And voter suppression. Make my coffee black and strong!

McCrony: I remember signing those bills after we agreed about them.

Berger & Tillis, in unison: SHUT UP! You’re just a hired pen.

Phil Berger ain't very nice

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We are fully aware that we're not gonna make the Billboard Top 100, but a little musical fun seems to be in order. So with apologies to Parrotheads everywhere, we present:

Phil Berger Ain’t Very Nice
(Parody of Cheeseburger in Paradise, Jimmy Buffett)

Tried to amend my extremist nut habits.
Made it nearly half a day,
Bruisin’ hate with our greed, middle class we bleed,
Drinkin' lots of Kool Aid and stalkin' our prey.

But at night I'd have these secret sessions
Some kind of underhanded cheat.
I’m a meanie, I’m a weenie, it’s so sweet,
Love a big warm gun and a huge hunk of conceit.

Phil Berger ain’t very nice.
Scorchin’ the earth with his budget slice.
Not too particular, not too precise.
He’s just a Phil Berger who has his price.

Tillisberger Seriously Miscalculated

You might or might not be familiar with Ann and Jim Goodnight. Dr. Jim Goodnight is the founder and CEO of SAS Corporation; he and his wife have been community activists in Cary, NC and statewide advocates for many causes -- especially education -- for decades. SAS is among the world's largest privately held companies; the Goodnights are billionaires and reportedly the richest people in all of North Carolina (#154 on the Forbes worldwide billionaires list).

The Goodnights are definitely the 1%.

They even hosted a fundraiser for Phil "The Swill" Berger where he reportedly raised more than $300,000.

Why Do They Lie?

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It's become abundantly clear that the Art Pope machine in The Old Backward State can get away with anything it wants. The level of extremism in North Carolina is almost without precedent.

As their scorched-earth policies steamroll ahead unfettered, as they stomp on people they don't care about, and as they literally do whatever they wish, unconstrained by anything including the state and federal constitutions, it occurs to us:

Why do they lie?

Why don't they simply tell the truth about why they're passing these extreme laws? Why do they feel the need to lie? Is it simply habitual? Do they think they're fooling people? Is it an attempt to assuage their consciences?

Pay to play kicks into high gear

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Guvnor Pat appoints his campaign contributors to to plum government positions, one of Guvnor Pat's appointees assures the public that pay to play is not a problem in The Old Backward State, and in the biggest Pay to Play scheme of all, Tillisberger and the McCronies lie through their teeth by characterizing a tax cut for millionaires and a tax increase for poor and middle class people as a tax cut for everyone.

More below the fold.

Telling the Story of a Republican Raleigh through Shareable Infographics

There are a lot of ways to talk about the North Carolina General Assembly, and a lot of issues to talk about. So I've decided to document some resources from the Young Democrats of North Carolina you can share to help tell the tale of a weak Governor and a legislature that's gone off the rails. I encourage you to share these far and wide!

First, this very week our Governor broke a big promise:

Click for higher quality

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What They Really Meant

We all know the old joke about how to tell when a politician is lying...his or her lips are moving.

It took some of the biggest lies ever, leading to flash BS flood warnings in downtown Raleigh, to ram through the abortion near-ban bill in the NC Senate.

Proving they have no shame, the Warriors on Women (a few of whom are women) produced some real whoppers. Here's one; there's more at BackwardNC.


"We have an obligation to protect the health of the people -- the women -- that go to these clinics," Berger said. "Anyone who is interested in having safe abortions in North Carolina has nothing to fear from this bill."


More National Embarrassment

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Guvnor Pat must be SO proud! He's not just the laughingstock of the state, he's the laughingstock of the nation!

North Carolina previously was known as a progressive, vibrant Southern state. Now it's known as Alabama's and Mississippi's disadvantaged sibling.

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