"Why we simply are not doing enough to change the world"

An interview from a blog about idealism.

In late July Peter Buffett, son of billionaire Warren Buffet and co-chair of the NoVo Foundation, wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, arguing that too much of philanthropy is focused on making the donor feel good, and not on providing actual solutions to pressing social problems. This behavior, which he refers to as “philanthropic colonialism,” perpetuates inequality instead of eradicating it.

The article sparked a sector wide debate with some praising Peter’s assessment that we pay too much attention to donors and not enough attention to new systems while others stating that he oversimplifies the problem without offering any solutions...

For karma bonus points, start with #GivingTuesday

I'm sure most reading this don't need a reminder, but here it is anyway:

Unfortunately, there has been a recent trend to spend time throwing blame at the needy. Sure, there are some folks who will game the system. Always has been and always will be. But the vast majority of people seeking help are truly needy, many the vulnerable elderly and families with children. Going to Mother Hubbard's Cupboard to get peanut butter and government-surplus chicken is not exactly living high off the dole. Neither is having your family sleeping in a church basement for a week. The need is very real.

You probably noticed the hashtag in the title. It's a Twitter thing, so if you have a fave charity (like your local food bank, hint hint), Tweet about it and include said hashtag. There's some pretty heavy hitters taking part:

High School Students Plan To “Save Our Schools”

Collaboration and creative strategies benefit schools, communities, and the marketplace. NC ranks #1 in education.

Raleigh, July 06, 2012: Hunter Winstead, a local High School Student today announced his Save Our Schools initiative has the initial support necessary to move forward with a sustainable plan to provide funding and resources to North Carolina Schools by the end of the 1st quarter 2013. There is a kick-off event slated for mid November 2012.

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