Rahm Emmanuel

Defending Blue Dogs (not me--the folks like Rahm)

Posting from LA Progressive by Paul Hogarth. Reviewing last Saturday's article in the NY Times.

Democrats did not win back Congress because Rahm recruited more Blue Dogs. As I wrote in 2006, only about five of the 30 House seats that Democrats gained that year could be from “conservatives” – the rest were progressive Democrats like Carol Shea-Porter and John Hall, real team players who took the risk of standing up for liberal values in swing districts. And those – not Bobby Bright – are the ones who deserve to be helped today.

Like Secretary of State Elaine Marshall for instance?

Should Obama fire much of his staff?

Things politically seem to be going downhill fast for the Obama administration and it is being said that his advisors/staff can take responsibility for that. There are articles that say that just as presidents in the past, Obama needs to take a close look at this staff and make some changes or continue to see a deeper dip in his polls.

I am not sure how The Daily Beast leans politically, but the article does make sense on a number of levels.

The Bennet Letter: Change We Can Believe in?

Monday, Feb.22nd,2010 - The White House and President Obama's announced Healthcare bill proved my worse fears - that there was never any intention by Democratic Leadership or the President to support the Public Option.
And along the way, the base of the party was once again strung along with glimmer of hope in the form of the 'Bennet letter.'
Today's Healthcare Bill not only signals an end to the Public Option, but the Bennet letter can only be characterized as the worst form of manipulation of the democratic voters by the White House.

Arguing For The South

Nationally, one of the hottest topics in progressive politics is whether or not the Democratic Party should consider the South a lost cause.

Thirty years ago that subject would have been considered absurd on its face. Back then the South was the indispensable partner in Roosevelt's New Deal coalition. The South was the lynch pin, the hinge, the fulcrum of Democratic power. Now some believe that it is the great nemesis of the Democratic Party, and chasing after the South is about as useful, and ennobling, as calling your ex-wife and asking her for a date.

This argument has both its advocates, and its critics throughout the progressive movement. Howard Dean has staked tremendous political capital on his "50 State Strategy" and the contention that a truly national party must compete everywhere. Other influential leaders in the party, like Rahm Emmanuel, would argue that spending fifty cents on grass roots organizing in Mississippi is fifty cents wasted.

McHenry Lives Up To Expectations

True to earlier reports that Patrick McHenry has become the designated pit bull for House Republicans, there's a quote offered from the quarrelsome Congressman in today's Washington Times. This staunchly conservative paper has been making much of a mention in the Ethics Panel report on the Mark Foley scandal that Rahm Emmanuel may have had early knowledge of Foley's unpleasant e-mails. The Washington Times is trying to expand this insinuation into a story, without any corroboration, that Emmanuel shopped the e-mails to newspapers before November's election.

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