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Bernie Sanders and NCDP

Nothing for nothing, I like Sen. Bernie Sanders, but he is not a Democrat, he is an independent. Yet the state party spends money given to support democrats to promote an event featuring Bernie Sanders.

Would this money not have been better spent supporting North Carolina democrats instead of promoting an event by a Vermont independent?

As hard as money is to come by this cycle, what are the people in Goodwin House thinking, or are they?

North Carolina Democratic Party Convention News

After a quick three hour drive, we arrived in Raleigh and easily found parking despite the hysteria on Facebook from a few in the party warning us that a PREVIOUS employee had planned the convention LAST FALL and there were four high school graduation ceremonies at the convention center that would make parking difficult. I'm sure some who arrived after 11:00 a.m. had a harder time finding parking, however there were entire sections of the parking deck empty when we pulled up.

The convention hall is very organized and they are now moving people forward because the number of attendees does not match the number who RSVP'd for the convention. That happens at an event this large. It is a nice facility...so...go Raleigh.

Voller just recognized a gentleman who was part of D-Day to a standing ovation.

Will continue....


Virginia Democrats pick new ED

A nice piece from the Virginia Pilot.

I wonder what Terry Mcauliffe, former DNC chair and Gov. of Virginia sees that the simpletons of Hillsborough St. missed?

Has to make me wonder.

Virginia Democrats pick new executive director

Sources said Friday the state Democratic Party has chosen as its new executive director veteran political hand Robert Dempsey -- he recently held the same role for the North Carolina party -- barely one week after Virginia's Republican Party picked a new staff leader.


Dempsey parachutes into Virginia after being unceremoniously dumped in February by the Democratic chairman of a North Carolina state party in disarray, The News & Observer newspaper reported roughly two months ago.

To the Executive Council.

As a teacher the way we write lesson plans is to first state the objective.
So with that being said what is the objective?
We need to emerge from the meeting with a competent ED. The next executive director needs to be from the inside, they need to know the landscape of the state. They need to be able to make money, they need to bring into others into the party. The need to know how to run a campaign and get democrats elected. They need to be able to work with others to find the middle ground. The only person who fits these requirements is Casey Mann. She can lead this party back to winning elections.

We also need to discuss the end goals of the members of the council, especially those in elected positions, with all parties seeing eye to eye. Our communities and our constituents need to see that we can come together to get Democrats elected.

Bob Geary of Indy Week says Voller should resign

Last week, Bob Geary and a couple of people who blog here at BlueNC had a sit-down with Randy Voller. Today, Indy Week published Bob's report from the meeting.

Enough. After a stormy year as state Democratic Party chair, Randy Voller should step down for the sake of his party's candidates and North Carolina. I say this knowing that he won't, because Voller sees himself as a visionary leader—but he can't see that he's hurting Democratic prospects for 2014.

I was invited to go to the meeting, but declined to participate. I have no stomach for crap like this, which also explains my short-lived career in politics. But I do have the benefit of three separate and detailed accounts of what happened. I have reached the exact same conclusion as Bob: Randy should step down, but he won't.

We've long since passed the point where any NCDP discussion is productive

Several folks have asked me to weigh in to mediate the messy discussions about the NC Democratic Party, the executive director, Chairman Voller, and such. I decline. From out here on the sidelines, it looks like a classic blood feud with strongly committed people representing strongly held beliefs on all sides of the issue. Many of the comments involve actions in meetings that happened in private, which then spilled over to these pages.

I'm sympathetic to all sides of the issue, and wish only that a productive path forward can be found. Given the obvious deep divides, that seems unlikely.

My thoughts on the NCDP ED controversy

I've sat patiently while watching events go by, largely talking to my friends and refraining from commenting in public other than to refute the usual Voller-haters (who were also Parker-haters two years ago). But I do feel I must make a few comments on the whole ED firing/Dr. Ben Chavis matter.

Previous Chairs largely made the selection of ED, with their selection validated by the Executive Council. Certainly some ED candidates were trotted around to various constituency groups - including elected officials - but the Chairs largely made the choices on their own. The job of the ED is not to be a celebrity - it's to be a competent administrator of the Party for the officers, delegates, electeds/candidates and donors. A good ED should follow the directives set by the Chair and the SEC and Executive Council at the state level, and the CEC and the elected county-level officers (the "board") at the county level. Their job should be to properly administer the Party so that the officers and delegates can decide what the party stands for and elect candidates who can turn that party platform into public policy.

Dr. Ben Chavis exposed: Village Voice 2000

The Shame of Mosque No. 7

'With a Sex-Harassment Suit Hanging Over His Head, Some Are Wondering Whether Nation of Islam Minister Benjamin Muhammad Is Fit to Lead the Million Family March'

By Peter Noel Tuesday, Sept 5 2000

Party Chairman Randy Voller is still in denial about the baggage Dr. Ben Chavis would bring as an employee of the NC Democratic Party. A simple Google search pulls up dozens of articles that document Chavis' simply awful track record.

This is one of the best from the time of his controversial tenure as leader of a Nation of Islam mosque in Harlem in NY City. I hope all the members of the State Party's Executive Council will read it.

The fight for the soul of the Democratic Party

I am fighting mad. The party I came to know and love is being attacked. I am not referring to the attacks on the Chairman of the party, but, that is implied, I am not referring to the attacks on the grassroots but, that can be implied as well. I am referring to the view I have of the party and how I am angry that good people get pulled down in order for the “corporate democrats” to hold on to power. As a child growing up in my family, my mom did all she could to raise us to be good strong democrats. We helped her to campaign nationally and locally, we helped with precinct meetings, and we were encouraged to be involved, we even were pages. Mom would often talk around the kitchen table of her friend, the state party chair Barbara Allen. And I did not fully understand all that was being done in the name of the party at the time, but, what I gleaned from these conversations and activities was generally warm and peaceful.

Chavis vote did not happen

The Executive Council of the NC Democratic Party met via teleconference call. The reason appears to be a requirement under the rules that a meeting must be held withing 48 hours after a vacancy in the Executive Director's position.

Nonetheless, there was inadequate notice, which is also a requirement under Party rules. According to the person counting votes 28 votes constituted a majority. I don't know exactly how many Council members were on the phone. According to info on the Wake County Party site, there are 51 members. It was said at some point on the call there were over 150 participants including non-voting folks like me.

I only learned how to call in as the meeting was being convened at 9:00 pm, not the 8:00 pm I had been told earlier. What a mess.

Of course I won't complain too much. If a vote on hiring Ben Chavis had happened, it could have been a lot more detrimental to the Party.

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