House District 103 and split precincts

My house district (103 eastern Mecklenburg) has 13 split precincts out of the 21 in the district. We had 1 last year. This is crazy

Giving Gerrymandering a bad name

Remarks I made at the NC Redistricting Public Hearing – East, at the New Hanover location at UNC Wilmington, 3:00pm – 5:00pm, July 18th, 2011

My name is Greg Flynn. I live in Raleigh, Wake County but I thought it appropriate to speak at a hearing in Wilmington because it appears there is no part of North Carolina, however remote, that can not be drawn into a Congressional District with Wake County.

Actually I am on vacation but am so disgusted by the State House and Senate redistricting plans released just last week that I took the time to drive here from Topsail to register my concerns. After my initial laughter at the absurdity of the boundary diagrams, that can charitably be described a resembling an explosion in a spaghetti factory, my concern grew on closer inspection of the delineation, if you can call it that, of the proposed districts. I couldn’t decide if the inspiration was mitochondria or Machiavelli, but the result is the same: Meandering and artificial division that obliterates all sense of civic geography and community place, and who might best represent it.

Hump day handouts

Mayors complain that NCGOP is dividing their communities

What's to complain about? Just another example of Republicans doing what Republicans do best.

"The problem with the redistricting is not the work you've done," said Jane Pinsky, director of the N.C. Coalition on Lobbying and Government Reform. "The problem is the process. The process has been created to be a partisan one ... to let the party in power to stay in power."

According to Michael Bitzer, a political scientist from Salisbury's Catawba College, that's exactly what's likely to happen. Bitzer analyzed the new legislative districts on how they voted in the last to presidential elections and compared that to how the state voted. His findings: In the 50-member Senate, 13 districts would be solidly Republican and 16 would lean Republican. Only five districts, he said, would be considered true toss-ups.

On a short leash

John Hood calls out Republicans on gerrymandering

It’s a Republican gerrymander, pure and simple.

Hat tip to Ed Cone for pointing in the direction of the Carolina Journal, where John Hood calls a spade a spade in the case of Republican redistricting shenanigans. He's a little late to the party, but has arrived nonetheless. Hood deserves full credit for taking this principled stand.

Senate legislative redistricting maps released

with extensive commentary from Rucho. You can either take the time to read his whiny comments, or accept my translation: We're doing exactly what we want, so stop your bitching.

There is no try, Mr. Rucho

Jim Morrill has a good summary of how twisted the GOP redistricting plan really is. But not to worry, Republican Bob Rucho says they'll "try" to correct anomalies where they can.

Just to say it, there is no try, Mr. Rucho. There is do or do not. Take a stand, sir.

Wow, Pop, thanks! A Congressional District just for me?

The NC Democratic Party calls a spade a spade. Via email.

No, it's not the Gerber Baby. Meet the hand-picked Republican frontrunner for the newly drawn 13th Congressional district and the son of the most powerful Republican in the Senate: The Berger Baby.

Phil Berger Jr may be 39 years old, but he is one lucky kid. His Dad - Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger Sr. - not only had a big hand in purging Brad Miller’s district of registered Democrats and proposing it run from Surry to Wake County, but he'll be able to steer incredible GOP resources to his son's Congressional campaign when the announcement becomes official this fall.

The GOP maps mean big opportunities for the children of gerrymandering in new majority Republican seats across the state. How many more Berger Babies are there?

Respect & Protect The Vote Rally: July 13th

On July 13th, the General Assembly is coming back to Raleigh – and so are we!

Republican leaders want to (1) pass new restrictions on voting in North Carolina, (2) adopt redistricting maps that misuse the Voting Rights Act to carve out more strongholds for conservatives, and (3) override Governor Perdue's vetoes, including the one against the voter photo ID bill.

Please join Democracy North Carolina and the Respect Our Vote coalition on July 13th to make it plain that we won’t tolerate partisan attacks on our right to vote or be represented. GOP leaders have reneged on their promise to bring more openness to government and more jobs to our state's struggling communities. Instead, they’ve passed laws for their campaign donors and their own partisan gain.

Learn more about the rally and RSVP here:

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