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Business Likes Renewable Energy

We have already heard that Apple, Facebook, Google and the American Biogas Council have advised NCGA NOT to do away with North Carolina's renewable energy requirements. The Republican majority in the House insisted on passing such legislation anyway.

Now, Triangle Business Journal is reporting, four more companies have added their names to this request:

Offshore wind vs offshore drilling: No contest

Just a few stats for your next argument with the "Drill, baby, drill!" idiots:

In the next 20 years, offshore wind could create about 91,000 more jobs than offshore drilling (about double the job creation potential of offshore oil and gas). A modest and gradual development of offshore wind on the East Coast over the next 20 years could generate enough energy to power over 115 million households.

Based on government estimates, if all of the economically recoverable offshore oil and gas in the Atlantic Outer Continental Shelf were extracted and used, oil demand would only be met for less than five months and gas demand would only be met for less than 10 months, at current consumption rates.

As I've mentioned before, NC has an even better geo- and topographical characteristic than other Atlantic Coast states for deployment of wind energy. Both the Albemarle and Pamlico Sounds are huge areas, and most of those square miles are not navigable by any craft larger than a ski boat due to shallows. And the wind out there is nearly constant and strong. I didn't even know you could get "windburn" until I took the Swan Quarter to Ocracoke ferry. And yes, it hurts. ;) A few more observations:

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