Rep. Stephen LaRoque

Additional charges filed against LaRoque

What goes around comes around:

Four new charges were filed against him this month, including concealing “material facts,” materially false, fictitious and fraudulent representation, and two counts of making and subscribing a false tax return, according to online court records viewed Wednesday.

And it seems the Kinston Free Press can't shake its infatuation with the local lordling. This relatively short article drops in the word "alleged" no less than five times, and this is downright artistic in its praise:

Free Press Radio: The LaRoque indictments

Jul 20 2012

In the latest Free Press Radio Program, Bryan Hanks and Jon Dawson are joined by Sarah Ovaska of N.C. Policy Watch and Barry Smith of Carolina Journal to discuss the Stephen LaRoque indictments. Hanks and Dawson also discuss other hot issues of the day on the show.


NC's strange definition of ethics

Apparently the word doesn't mean what we thought it meant:

But when LaRoque asked the North Carolina Ethics Commission to review his key legislative role, it found no conflict, citing what it called a “safe harbor” stemming from the fact that his law would benefit everyone owning billboards.

Of course there's a conflict of interest. Just because LaRoque's action benefitted people other than himself, it doesn't change the fact that it directly and monetarily benefitted him. Frankly, we'd be better off not even having an ethics commission if all they're going to do is rubber-stamp whatever behavior is presented to them. And with a record like this:

LaRoque fumbles the ball on damage control

"Those Lefties are picking on me!"

A state lawmaker said Tuesday that he is the victim of a "hit piece" in a liberal-leaning publication over the way he runs two nonprofits. NC Policy Watch ran a story two weeks ago about a two-month investigation of the East Carolina Development Co. and Piedmont Development Co., which are operated by Rep. Stephen LaRoque, R-Kinston.

Well, considering neither Less-than-he-appears-to-be Merritt nor Civitas' Don Carrington (claims to have brought down Jim Black) seem to be interested in, you know, government corruption enough to pursue a Republican, someone's gotta do it. Sarah is a bonafide, roll-up-your-sleeves investigative journalist, not a "hit-piece"-er, and LaRoque knows it. Which is why he's scrambling.

GOP jobs plan: "Work in my yard"

Updated based on a suggestion in the comments

Rep. Stephen LaRoque "helps" one of his 99er constituents:

"Most anyone can find a job if they can pass a drug test and are physically able to work," he wrote. "I have tried to find people to do yard work but it seems most are too good for manual labor. Based on the tone of your email it is not difficult to see why you can’t find a job."

This is only part of a shameful e-mail exchange LaRoque had with one of his constituents in reference to the unemployment benefits Republicans have tied to their draconian budget proposals. And desperate as she was, she took him up on his insulting offer:

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