Republican bullying

More big government bullying coming from Republicans in the NCGA

Stripping the powers of towns and cities:

In an update last week for the Environmental Review Commission, legislators heard from lobbyists on both sides of the issue while contemplating another attempt to limit environmental regulations at the local level. The commission is composed entirely of legislators and recommends environmental bills to the full legislature.

“The thought was just how far should cities and counties be allowed to go in enacting ordinances with a particular emphasis on areas where the state may already have rules in place,” McGrady said.

Considering the behavior of local elected officials is also subject to the scrutiny and approval of voters, they should be allowed to go as far as local residents want them to. If Republicans really believed in the sanctity of private property, they wouldn't try to force people owning property in a given area to accept dangerous industries or irresponsible development, which can (and often does) drive property values down. That is literally taking money away from one person so someone else can make more money. Once again I find myself having to make the Libertarian argument, because there aren't any real Libertarians around. More:

Right wing gears up for voter intimidation in November

Starting with a salvo of baseless challenges:

Jay DeLaney, executive director of the Voter Integrity Project, submitted 550 official challenges to the status of Wake County registered voters. In a preliminary hearing Tuesday members of the Wake County Board of Elections dismissed the challenges to more than 500 voter registrations while agreeing to further investigate 18 of them.

They actually started with 6,000 names, ending up with 18 "maybes". And now we follow the whitebread crumbs:

McCrory threatens tv stations, gets ad pulled

When the truth begins to hurt too much, send in the lawyers:

In the memo to stations, Foley & Lardner, a Washington law firm representing the McCrory campaign, said the ad is filled with “egregious and false statements” about the former Charlotte mayor. “Unless you stop airing the ad immediately,” the firm wrote, “we will seek all legal remedies to force the ad off the air.”

The ad is centered around Myers Park Pat's association with foreclosure specialist while he served as Mayor of Charlotte:

NC GOP attacks municipalities

Big government Republicans put the squeeze on cities over annexation:

Both bills are aimed directly at five cities, one of which is Wilmington, that challenged last year's bill that made it virtually impossible for cities to take in territory that has developed around the outskirts. They also impose long waiting periods – one of the bills would make it 12 years – before a city can attempt another involuntary annexation of the same area.

These unincorporated developments sort of remind me of a tick on a dog's back: The tick couldn't survive without the dog, but the dog gets nothing in return except a sore neck.

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