Republican bullying

Rumors of economic blackmail of HP Furniture Market

"You'll shut the hell up if you know what's good for ya'."

The statement may not have been well-received in Raleigh. There have been rumors that, in response, the state could cut some or all of the funding, about $2 million a year, it provides to support transportation and marketing services for the twice-annual furniture show.

"We're heard those rumors, too," Conley said, adding: "We have not heard that from the mouth of any legislator." Nevertheless, does he take the rumors seriously? "Oh, absolutely."

Hat-tip to Teddy for bringing this issue to the fore. And the NC GOP has the audacity to whine about how Federal funding comes with so many "conditions" it amounts to a form of coercion.

Deputies disciplined in Trump sucker-punch fiasco

While the Father of Lies continues his march to the White House:

Three of the deputies have been demoted and will be suspended without pay for five days for “unsatisfactory performance and failing to discharge the duties and policies of the office of sheriff,” according to a statement released by Sheriff Earl Butler of Cumberland County on his Facebook page. The other two deputies were suspended for three days without pay. All five were to be placed on probation for the next year, Sheriff Butler said. The names of the deputies were not released.

Without a doubt at least a couple of those deputies witnessed the assault; the one at the top of the stairs was looking right at the two men when it happened. But instead of trying to assess the injuries of the victim while taking his attacker into custody, they treated the victim like a common criminal and ignored the punch-thrower. All that being said, it was Trump himself who was responsible, and his lack of remorse will allow the cycle of violence to continue to escalate:

Next on the GOP's chopping block: Health care for state employees

Your family members need not apply:

State employees could lose access to a popular health insurance option and see costs for other options rise under changes the North Carolina State Health Plan board of trustees is due to vote on Friday.

Executives who run the health plan, which covers state workers, teachers and retirees, have also recommended that the board consider eliminating coverage for spouses, likely sending most of them to shop for coverage on Affordable Care Act exchanges.

The wording in the Budget that forced this horrible idea should be considered a precursor of a Taxpayer's Bill Of Rights (TABOR) if that poison pill is ever put before the voters. And I have little confidence the voters would be able to see past the hype and pseudo-patriotic language to understand how damaging it would be.

How Do NC State Legislators Feel About Being Pushed Around?

I've posted several times now on Sue Myrick's grandstanding scheme to bully North Carolina, and pending further developments I should just let it go. But events conspire! Three NC State legislators and a high level staffer spoke to one of my classes today, and I got a chance to ask them about the situation.

Deborah Ross and Grier Martin, both Democratic members of the NC House representing parts of Wake County, sat on a panel with Republican Senator Richard Stevens (representing Cary) and Norma Mills, Chief of Staff for NC Senate President Pro Temp. Marc Basnight (D, Dare County). I asked them for their thoughts about the proposed legislation announced by Myrick, Foxx, Taylor, McHenry, and Jones that threatens to strip NC's federal highway dollars if the state doesn't change its driver's license policy. Nobody had good things to say.

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