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Tuesday Twitter roundup

And...what is that vision? To keep everybody guessing as to what may happen next?

Tuesday Twitter roundup

More details on Duke Energy's coal ash spill:

Note to reporters: this is not just a "North Carolina river", it originates in Virginia and crosses the state line a couple of times before ending back in Virginia. And this contamination is headed for downtown Danville as we speak, if it hasn't already arrived. Not one of our finest hours.

Tillis snubs Tea Party again, yet doesn't suffer in the polls

Somebody's being tested, and it may not be the candidates:

Thursday night’s forum was the fourth that Tillis has skipped as he pursues what he describes as a methodical strategy for winning not only the primary but a high-stakes general election. Critics accuse him of ducking tough questions and skeptical voters.

Tillis’ primary reflects the tension between the tea party and GOP establishment that’s evident across the country. Several incumbents including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham face challenges from the right.

Make no mistake, establishment Republicans do want to win a majority of the seats in the US Senate, but they don't want to bring the craziness of the House over into their corporate boardroom Senate. And NC's Senate race is shaping up to be ground zero in that battle, with Tillis doing exactly what they tell him to. And Greg Brannon is doing his best to capitalize on that:

Ham-handed Stam calls for volunteers to help DHHS

Training? Who needs training:

This is a WIN-WIN opportunity!! You will win by gaining first-hand experience with how the Food Nutrition System (FNS) operates and gain valuable experience processing claims.
The BIGGEST winners will be the many people who are waiting to get assistance. By helping them complete their applications, you will expedite them getting the necessary assistance they need to feed their families.

According to State Senator Earline Parmon (D-Dist32) who serves on the oversight committee for NCDHHS, “It is totally inappropriate for the legislative assistants to be asked to volunteer. There is the privacy issue. There is the fact that they have not received training to complete this work. To ask L.A.s to do the work for another department, that has already spent millions on over-time is ridiculous.”

There's also a shortage of OB-GYNs in NC: "Don't miss out on this GREAT opportunity! Get scrubbed and let's go DELIVER SOME BABIES! Everybody's a WINNER, and the first volunteer to get five notches on their baby belt will get to bang Tillis' big-ass gavel on the first day of the short session!"

Flynn jumps off the Tea Party crazy train

Causing his tens of fans to bang their radios in frustration:

"Though deeply appreciative of every gift and effort made on behalf of this campaign, I have failed to secure the depth of funding essential to continue in this primary race,” he told Dome in a statement. “Washington’s deficit spending approach can be no part of a senate campaign dedicated to conservative principles.”

Flynn, a Winston-Salem area talk radio host, entered the race later than his competitors and becomes the first to depart. In a crowded race, Flynn had trouble distinguishing himself from the handful of other candidates seeking to wear the tea party mantle.

Translated: "There's no way in hell I'm going into debt for a Primary race I can't possibly win. Wasting other people's money is one thing, but I have to draw the line at my own money. I need to conserve that, because I'm a true Conservative. I actually need more, if I'm going to get that boat I've been looking at."

Ranting Rabon tries to educate puppy mill advocates

He really seems to care. About what, I have no idea:

Rabon: We were informed that that bill would never leave the House.

Withers: How did this bill get through the House?

Rabon: Because the nature of the beast of the House, they are a bunch of "PUSSIES" (screaming). They got political heat. They said we can no longer sit on this. We know the senate will not pass it because it is a piece of crap, so we will send it to them and they will take the heat. Ladies and gentlemen, that is politics 101. They are the big boys and girls. We will put it in their lap. Let them get their butts kicked. Let them take the heat. They passed the bill on to the Senate to take the heat. They knew it would not pass the Senate.

I've read the entire transcript, under the mistaken assumption it would help me understand Rabon's position on this issue. Frankly, I'm not sure he even understands his position. Except maybe that the Universe is Rabon-centric and all matter revolves around him:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll begin with a head-scratcher:

If you want to talk about "poorly managed", I'd say allowing an out-of-state company who disguises massive interest rates by selling people appliances at nearly twice their retail value would be a good place to start. As to a pension plan that has performed well above average, quoting a dubious study with laughable observations like this:

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