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Tuesday Twitter roundup

Another pointless Legislative oversight briefing by DHHS:

Republican lawmakers not concerned over DHHS's costly privacy breach

Apparently abrogating your responsibility is a new GOP tenet:

The Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Information Technology met for nearly three hours, but lawmakers asked no questions about a purported programming error that caused the agency last week to mail Medicaid cards containing the personal information of nearly 49,000 children to the wrong mailing addresses.

"Our agenda was already set up," Brock said, referring to the absence of any discussions about the breach during the hearing. "In talking with the department, seeing what steps they are doing, we felt pretty comfortable they were taking the proper steps for corrections and changes."

If this had been the Perdue administration's cock-up, there would have been days and days of huffing and puffing in Committee and terse, innuendo-laced news briefings with reporters. And where are the Libertarians? You know, the defenders of privacy and government waste watchdogs? Must be on sabbatical. But even if the General Assembly doesn't give a shit about the mismanagement of DHHS, the Federal government is very concerned, and for good reason:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

A little civic action to warm up your day:

And here's why you should:

Internet gambling cafes winning the "whack a mole" war

Forcing some to contemplate coexistence:

The Journal long has opposed video poker in North Carolina, arguing that it preys on the poor and is a particularly addictive form of gambling. But just as the doctor who realizes there is no known cure for a disease, we suggest a control therapy.

Once legalized, gaming should be taxed heavily, but not punitively so. The state should reach an agreement with the industry that will permit it to operate in a controlled and safe manner. Any regulatory body should include representatives of the industry, in a minority role, to assure that the industry feels that it has a stake in the regulation.

You're forgetting some very important factors: the Legislature has proven through its actions that it will exercise its authority over municipalities if they try to exert too much influence over the private sector, especially if it adversely effects some/one of their big campaign donors. And the Internet gambling concerns have thrown a lot of money at them in the last few years, ensuring at least silent support, if not outspoken. Republicans have also shown a proclivity for stacking regulatory boards with industry-friendly members, so they will more than "feel" they have a stake in some future body, they will control it. And they will locate their gambling establishments wherever they please, regardless of where you think they should go.

AFP's latest anti-Obamacare hero also climate change denier

To be filed under "what the hell did you expect?"

You'll be seeing this (marketing) expert real soon in AFP's latest high-dollar attack on Kay Hagan. Try not to laugh.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Not sure I really want to look back, but here we go:

Should have been #1:

Fracking the classroom: drilling in the name of education

Drill here, drill now, and simply call it training:

Central Carolina Community College is expanding its course offerings, having recently opened a new health sciences building in Lillington and looking into new classes on operating machinery for hydraulic fracturing and other types of drilling.

About $250,000 of that total either has been or will be raised through grants, officials have said. They plan on raising the remaining half a million through donations from the private sector as well as the three county governments in the college's service area. And Kirk Bradley, the Sanford businessman who is leading the fundraising efforts for the Central Carolina Works program, said they're well on their way.

Which may shed some light on why Mike Stone had four CCCC Trustees removed from their positions earlier this year, a blatantly partisan move to cleanse the board of Democrats. Another well-known fracking cheerleader is knee-deep in this story:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Just a few friendly reminders as you're stacking the gifts under the tree:

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