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Tuesday Twitter roundup

Just as state-level politics can have more of a direct impact on your lives than national, municipal elections can also result in changes that affect you. Check it out, and then make your voice heard in the voting booth.

DAG McCrory gets his "Three E's" mixed up

The word "Efficiency" is apparently too complex for immediate memory recall:

The event at Blandwood drew about 100 guests to hear McCrory and Martin, the honorary Morehead Forum chairman, say they hope the conference series that debuts next year helps bring the state as many good things as Gov. Morehead did with his focus on railroad construction, other forms of transportation and public education.

“Whether Republican or Democrat, education, economic development and energy, these are the things we have to have in this state,” said McCrory, who grew up in Jamestown after his family relocated from Columbus, Ohio.

I'm not sure "focus" is one of our current Governor's strong suits. And no offense to Taft Wireback, but this is not a direct quote. I just watched (News14) McCrory make his statement, and he rattled off the education and economic development just fine, but then did a squirrel-in-the-middle-of-the-road thing with his head before blurting out "Energy!" And if he hadn't been a former(?) Duke Energy employee, the missing "E" might just as easily have been "Eggs!" or "Elephants!" For God's sake, there's only three of them. Even a pre-k student can keep up with that many important words.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

The rumors of a smooth process were greatly exaggerated:

Guns on campus: the craziness in NC continues

The epitome of irresponsible governing:

"We can't keep guns off our school property, so what we've done is drawn a really tight circle around those vehicles," said CMS board member Eric Davis.

School board members say at no point would a gun be allowed in school, but the change still concerns them.

"This is another example of I believe the state stepping in and saying, 'we know better' when we should be able to have local control on what happens on our campuses," said Morgan.

I'm not sure just how secure a "tight circle" could be, but it's a good bet it's not tight enough to keep someone from breaking into one of those cars and grabbing a loaded weapon, and then walking 100 feet back into the school. And it's not just the school parking lots that are being weaponized:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

In addition to a party (Fri) and concert (Sat), there will also be a food drive this weekend:

The Heritage Foundation asks semi-literate Governor to take the podium

Putting their "think tank" status in jeopardy:

Gov. Pat McCrory is taking the stage at one of the nation's leading conservative think tanks to talk about policies he's initiated in North Carolina.

McCrory is scheduled to speak at a Washington event Monday hosted by The Heritage Foundation. The event is entitled: "A Conversation with a Reformer: How the States are Leading the Way."

Here's a question that should have already been posed to the Governor or his Genardo: "How much is the Heritage Foundation paying the Governor for this speaking engagement?" We're waiting.

Trying to understand the 3 stooges going after Kay Hagan

Arguing over who gets to carry the two by four:

Harris is the evangelical guy, of course. He’s got the evangelical illogic thing down square. He talks in one breath about exercising the power of the state to prevent same-sex marriage and abortion and in the next about “a federal government that continues to encroach into daily lives” without bothering to acknowledge, much less think about, the contradiction. He’ll be great.

I doubt he’ll win. Tillis has too much name recognition and access to too much corporate money. But what he and Brannon will do, in the months leading up to the May primary, is shove the boundaries of the debate as far as possible to the right and prevent Tillis — who’s perceived, amazingly, as something of a moderate by the party’s extreme right wing — from being anything less than a full-blown hard-core conservative.

It's already begun. All three have said they would have voted against reopening government, which means they're only watching the Tea Party and not overall polling, including what close to half of Republicans think. But it's a primary, so we can expect the crazy to get even crazier. What I don't understand is: why am I still seeing Phil Berger commercials attacking Kay Hagan?

Oh, brother: Phil McCrory comes to the DAG's rescue

Apparently it's a genetic defect as opposed to a bump on the head:

As the governor’s brother, I know that from an early age, our parents instilled a belief that we should make a positive difference in this world. While Nichol casts untruths to the contrary (“McCrory’s stands strain his ties,” Oct. 15 Point of View), Gov. Pat McCrory cares less about being governor and more about coming up with solutions to problems associated with the efficiency of government, our economy and improving the effectiveness of education in North Carolina – most of which he inherited. Sounds like a vision to me.

Setting aside for the moment the missing explanation of how a vision could make a sound, those "cares" your brother supposedly has would not have been "inherited", they would be the product of conditioning. The only thing he inherited from your parents (aside from possible estate holdings) would be genetic in nature, such as the inability to put two sentences together that don't immediately erupt into a brawl over what the subject should be. In other words, cognition. The ability to reason. I can see we're going to have to start with the basics: take these pictures home with you, and work on connecting things that go together, like the farmer and the straw hat. Very good.

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