Republican idiocy

Junior Berger already making Obamacare robocalls

The following has absolutely nothing to do with the title, but I laughed hard, so:

Teatards against Tillis: free market nut-jobs attack corporate donors

But don't expect them to support campaign finance reform:

Protesters are Republicans who oppose the tactics used by both Karl Rove and Speaker Tillis that promote corruption, cronyism and unconstitutional practices. The protest will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. this Thursday outside of the fundraiser to be held at the Bank of America Stadium at 800 South Mint Street.

“A growing contingency of Republicans oppose how both Thom Tillis and Karl Rove wield power to influence elections and legislation through their corporate donors,” said Chuck Suter, video reporter and founder of

You're kidding, right? The vast majority of Republicans love how their leaders can rake in the cash and push people around. These are admirable traits, to be emulated whenever possible to make the GOP a stronger political adversary. But by all means, continue to bang the drum about corruption and cronyism. Just don't expect more than a couple of dozen Republicans to listen.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

North Carolina's brain drain continues:

They say that nobody is irreplaceable. But in this case, they may be wrong:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

Here are some notable stats:

Peacock blames McCrory's anti-Midas touch for his loss

Just when you thought it was safe, the pesky Pat question:

Peacock said McCrory, the Republican governor and former Charlotte mayor, often came up when he talked to voters – and usually, not in a positive way.

“What they would ask me is, ‘Are you going to be another Pat McCrory?’” Peacock said. “I do think it was a contributory factor. This was the anti- McCrory, anti-legislature sentiment.”

Comes with the territory, pal. If you don't like the direction in which your Party's heading, do something about it. If you stand up for people, they're more likely to stand up for you when they step into the voting booth. Your opposition to Amendment One was laudable, but that's just one of many outrages perpetrated by the NC GOP. And your silence is tacit approval.

Greg Brannon plagiarizes Rand Paul's campaign website

Apparently the free market doesn't concern itself with intellectual property:

For more than a week Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky has been fending off criticism for using the writings of others, unattributed, in his own speeches, in an opinion article and in one of his books.

But now it appears that Mr. Paul has also been the possible victim of literary larceny himself; he has apparently had his own material lifted without credit.

Wow. He didn't just take some ideas, he Xeroxed 'em.

Coble out, NASCAR in?

Makes sense. In some weird alternate reality, that is...

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