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Tuesday Twitter roundup

A few snippets from yesterday's NC DHHS Twitter town hall disappointment:

Said it much better than I did:

Tuesday Twitter roundup

We'll start with some sobering findings:

What are we going to do when it gets to the point there aren't enough qualified people willing to put up with all the crap associated with being a teacher?

Walter Jones goes after wind energy tax credits

Pretty sure the word "mature" doesn't mean what he thinks it does:

“It is long past time for the federal government to stop forcing American taxpayers to spend billions of dollars to prop up a now-mature energy source,” said Congressman Jones. “Combined with my concerns about the effects of wind turbines on the military installations and residents of Eastern North Carolina, I fully support the expiration of the PTC at the end of this year.”

Yeah right, this doesn't have a damn thing to do with Cherry Point, it's simply another push by the Koch Brothers to snuff out alternative energy sources, and Walter Jones is scrambling to please them before they Primary his ass into oblivion. Not to mention the rest of the usual suspects:

Saturday Night fight: break up the unhealthy love affair between NPR and ANGA

Had a conversation with a progressive friend recently, and when the subject of fracking came up (it's inevitable, if you talk to me for more than thirty seconds) , he hit me with the question, "What's the deal with NPR?" I spent an inordinate amount of time babbling about the subversion of CPB and the loss of private donations via the recession, but while my mouth was churning along, a voice in my head was barking, "Stop trying to defend them!" So I will.

NPR's association with ANGA (American Natural Gas Alliance), for whatever reason, is simply wrong. It amounts to the network giving tacit approval to industry lies and propaganda, which could be used as a tool to endanger people across the country. If you feel as I do, make your voice heard. Here's some reasons why:

Junior Berger already making Obamacare robocalls

The following has absolutely nothing to do with the title, but I laughed hard, so:

Teatards against Tillis: free market nut-jobs attack corporate donors

But don't expect them to support campaign finance reform:

Protesters are Republicans who oppose the tactics used by both Karl Rove and Speaker Tillis that promote corruption, cronyism and unconstitutional practices. The protest will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. this Thursday outside of the fundraiser to be held at the Bank of America Stadium at 800 South Mint Street.

“A growing contingency of Republicans oppose how both Thom Tillis and Karl Rove wield power to influence elections and legislation through their corporate donors,” said Chuck Suter, video reporter and founder of

You're kidding, right? The vast majority of Republicans love how their leaders can rake in the cash and push people around. These are admirable traits, to be emulated whenever possible to make the GOP a stronger political adversary. But by all means, continue to bang the drum about corruption and cronyism. Just don't expect more than a couple of dozen Republicans to listen.

Tuesday Twitter roundup

North Carolina's brain drain continues:

They say that nobody is irreplaceable. But in this case, they may be wrong:

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