Rev. Wright

Rev. Wright: 15 minutes of illuminating fame

I can't believe the MSM has spent all this air time on a pastor who isn't running for president. Oh, OK, yes I can. Since Obama "divorced" Wright in the press conference yesterday, my question is whether the bar for the media will move even higher. His former pastor's ego was obviously bruised from the (quite frankly, sensitive) rebuke of his past comments that he received from the presidential hopeful in Obama's A More Perfect Union speech.

Some of what Wright said at the National Press Club was clarifying and on point:

Maybe this dialogue on race, an honest dialogue that does not engage in denial or superficial platitudes, maybe this dialogue on race can move the people of faith in this country from various stages of alienation and marginalization to the exciting possibility of reconciliation.

Other parts added nothing positive to the dialogue showed a public unraveling of the id. Wright felt dissed, and took it before the cameras, damaging his own credibility -- and he either doesn't seem to realize it -- or care.

I see clips from the NPC appearance and wonder what's next -- Rev. Wright lobbying for additional 15 minutes of exposure to "play the dozens" with Barack Obama? I'm sure the media would be down with that too. And that's because they never dig deeper to see what's really beneath the surface.

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While the Primary race between Clinton and Obama has gotten pretty vicious lately, I was always convinced it's nothing compared to the stuff Republicans would be spewing around the general election. Turns out I didn't have to wait that long, thanks to the NC GOP and their head witch, Linda Daves.
Even John McCain and the Republican National Congress declared today how deplorable the latest stunt of the NC repugs is.

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