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PPP Tests a Bunch of Challengers

Today Public Policy Polling tested a large number of potential challengers to Richard Burr for US Senate in 2010.

He would be an awesome Senator

Richard Moore $1 Million Out Of Pocket

Last week Richard Moore quietly closed out the campaign account for his unsuccessful gubernatorial campaign. He had loaned the campaign $1,250,000 in personal funds of which $288,232 had been repaid. The final report to the State Board of Elections dated 4/7/09 listed $3,055 cash on hand before expenses and $961,768 in forgiven loans. Moore is often mentioned as a potential contender for Richard Burr's Senate seat but reportedly has no plans to run.

Richard Brrrrrrrr not lookin' so good

From the polling guys at Daily Kos:

Our most recent poll from Research 2000 pits Democrats Roy Cooper, the current Attorney General of North Carolina, and Richard Moore, the state's former Treasurer, against the state's senior Senator Richard Burr. As expected, Burr is going to have a tough race on his hands if Moore or Cooper runs, a scenario which would present yet another major headache for newly minted NRSC chair John Cornyn.

Research 2000 for Daily Kos. 1/5-7. Likely voters. MoE 4% (No trend lines).

Burr (R) 45
Cooper (D) 43

Burr (R) 46
Moore (D) 40

Very nice-looking numbers for the two Democrats.

Big shoes

Rob Christensen has a good story on Richard Moore this morning. You should read it. Mr. Moore says he's giving up politics for now, which is too bad. Our national and state government could well benefit from someone as knowledgeable as he is when it comes to financial matters.

Moore endorses Perdue

Thank you, Treasurer Moore.

Via email.

Dear Friend,

As you know, Bev Perdue and I had a tough, spirited primary campaign. And while the outcome was not what we had hoped for, one thing is clear: the differences between Bev Perdue and me pale in comparison to our differences with Pat McCrory.

Our country and our state are at a crossroads. This November's election will have a dramatic impact on how we meet the many challenges facing us. So many of the issues that Bev and I both believe in – economic opportunity for all North Carolina families ... world-class public schools…health care for every child in our state ... and securing our energy future – are at stake in this election.

Open thread

Where do the candidates stand on the death penalty?

Help me out, BlueNC, font of information that you are.

I'm looking to expand my most recent blog post.

I know that Richard Moore "believe[s] that there is Biblical evil that lives among us, and for some crimes you give up the right to be here on Earth with the rest of us," (source) and that Beverly Perdue "support[s] capital punishment as an option, but...also favor[s] the current moratorium [then] in place while constitutional issues are being studied." (source)

How do your (least) favorite candidates feel about the death penalty?

Last throws

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With her campaign tottering on the brink of disaster a few weeks ago, Hillary Clinton set an increasingly desperate course in pursuit of her presidential aspirations. She participated in and condoned the smearing of her honorable opponent, by joining Republicans and their media whores in a full-scale war of trivial pursuit. She has sifted through Obama's every word in search of nuggets to exploit, painting a grossly distorted picture of a dedicated public servant, casting doubts about his integrity and patriotism, and demonstrating to my complete satisfaction that there is nothing she wouldn't do to win the nomination. Her campaign has been an ugly, vicious affair, a steady stream of lies about Obama and about her own meager accomplishments as First Lady.

Thursday Open Thread

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