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Pussy Riot hunger strike

The more things change, the more they stay the same:

Beginning Monday, 23 September, I am going on hunger strike. This is an extreme method, but I am convinced that it is my only way out of my current situation.

The penal colony administration refuses to hear me. But I, in turn, refuse to back down from my demands. I will not remain silent, resigned to watch as my fellow prisoners collapse under the strain of slavery-like conditions. I demand that the colony administration respect human rights; I demand that the Mordovia camp function in accordance with the law. I demand that we be treated like human beings, not slaves.

Apparently all the celebration about the fall of the Soviet Union was somewhat premature. Regardless of how you feel about Pussy Riot's tactics in drawing attention to themselves and their message, there was no justification for putting them in prison. But this cowardly act by Vladimir Putin might just backfire on him, because these girls don't scare easily and words are the most fearful weapon to the tyrant:

Kyrgyzstan Issues Eviction Notice

Just as the Obama administration is gearing up for an increased presence in Afghanistan, President Kurmanbek Bakiyev of Kyrgyzstan announced the closure of a U.S. air base located near the city of Bishkek:

The announcement was made after news reports of a multimillion-dollar aid package from Russia to Kyrgyzstan.

The United States pays about $63 million a year for use of the base and employs more than 320 Kyrgyz citizens there, Petraeus said. The base has been in operation since December 2001 under U.N. mandate

The Russian newspaper Kommersant reported January 30 that Russia would offer Kyrgyzstan a $300 million, 40-year loan at an annual interest rate of 0.75 percent, and write off $180 million of Kyrgyz debt.

Nuclear Waste Solved: or, To Russia, With Love

One of the key issues surrounding the nuclear energy debate is the proper disposition of spent fuel rods. There are numerous concerns that encompass this issue, from radioactive contamination to nuclear proliferation fears, and about the only consensus that experts can agree on is the sheer complexity of the problem.

On Baby Nukes, Or, Sometimes The Smallest Things Cause The Biggest Problems

In which we begin an assessment of the problem of Nonstrategic Nuclear Weapons

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