Capitalism is the Greatest Re-Distributor of Wealth the World Has Ever Known

America is one of the few places where poor struggling people can invent something or improve something and improve their lot in life within a short period of time almost in unbelievable ways in many cases.

and if the business they work for goes bankrupt, they have already received their wages and benefits from the rich owner and bad old banks in a transfer of wealth to boot.

What could be most re-distributionist than that?

Buncombe Young Dems Fundraiser for Change

This fundraising page was created in response to the Buncombe County Republican Party's September 11th fundraiser. Although, the primary goal of the BCGOP’s ridiculous and ironic September 11th fundraising scheme may only be to gain attention, the Young Democrats of Buncombe County would like to put your attentiveness to good use. Elaine Marshall is a fantastic democratic candidate running to represent North Carolina in the U.S. Senate, and she needs your help.

So for every time you laughed out loud at the YouTube video of Mr. Nesbitt (be honest, gods watching you), the Buncombe County Young Democrats would like YOU! to donate between $25-$50 to Elaine Marshall’s campaign for U.S. Senate.

Socialism, Socialism, Socialism

Socialism, Socialism,Socialism,! Thats all I hear from the Far Right Wing. Never mind that none of it is true (If only it were).

I guess they received a memo from the GOP leadership (Michael Steele) to keep saying Socialism until it sticks. But there is one major problem with this philosophy. What are you guys going to call it if and when the Big Scary Government really does start to implement more Liberal dare I say Socialist Policies?

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