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White supremacy and the Internet

Last Friday, September 24, I attended a lecture by Neal Caren, Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology at UNC-Chapel Hill, at the Center for Urban and Regional Studies. The PowerPoint lecture and discussion were advertised as “Online Activist Communities: the case of white supremacists.” I imagined it would be about the techniques used by white supremacists that have proven successful. I was even hoping to pick up some pointers that could be applied to work in the favor of the progressive movement. I was more than happy to have my preconceived notions crushed.

The South and Health Reform

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Sunday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi marched to the capitol arm-in-arm with Rep. John Lewis of Georgia for the health care vote -- a bit of political theater designed to draw parallels between health reform and the landmark civil rights legislation of the 1960s.

Tea party protesters unwittingly helped make the connection when they shouted "nigger" at Lewis during a Saturday rally. But whether or not HR 3590 should be put on the same level as, say, the Civil Rights Act, one point is indisputable: Yesterday, as in 1964, the South ended up on the wrong side of history.

Southern Surrender versus Southern Strategy: Debate Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night, March 20 at 7p.m., at Wake Forest University Tom Schaller will debate Bob Moser on the question of the Democratic Party's strategy towards the South. The debate will be held in Room 1312 of the Worrell Professional Center and respondents include yours truly and Delmas Parker, second vice chair of the NC Democratic Party, along with David Coates, politics professor at Wake Forest.

This debate's genesis was a work of BlueNC and the blogosphere in more ways than one. Read the rest for more on the debate and on the blogosphere's role.

I'll take this kind of sucking up any day

We recently got an email from a publicity coordinator of The Nation, who wanted to call our attention to this excellent piece by Bob Moser, currently running in the magazine. You have to admire a publicist who digs in to the blogosphere to spread the word about an article, even if he does laud lavish compliments on our labor of love here in the Old North State.

Taking a tour of southern blogs recently, I've been really impressed with BlueNC's comprehensive, nuts and bolts coverage. We here at The Nation wanted to let you know about our cover story this week, "The Way Down South." In the article, Bob Moser, one of our contributing writers, explores the relationship between the Dems and the South and its implications for the future of the Democratic party. We'd like this to be part of a larger conversation, one we hope you and your readers will be part of.

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