Tammy Duckworth

Richard Burr Blocks Nomination of Disabled Iraq War Vet, Major Tammy Duckworth

Just when we thought that Richard Burr couldn't outdo himself, jimstaro at dKos lets us know that he's holding up Tammy Duckworth's nomination to a key post at the Department of Veterans Affairs.

According to the AP, Burr, the ranking Republican on the Veterans Affairs Committee, asked the committee to hold off on sending her nomination to the full Senate until he can ask more questions. Um, Richard? Unless you were sleeping through the hearings, you should have had time to ask your precious questions.

I look at this and I wonder--why in the world do Repub Senators from our state seem to lack any sort of decency? First Liddy's disgusting ads, now this.

You guys know what to do--pester Burr. Now.

Senator Richard Burr
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