The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation asks semi-literate Governor to take the podium

Putting their "think tank" status in jeopardy:

Gov. Pat McCrory is taking the stage at one of the nation's leading conservative think tanks to talk about policies he's initiated in North Carolina.

McCrory is scheduled to speak at a Washington event Monday hosted by The Heritage Foundation. The event is entitled: "A Conversation with a Reformer: How the States are Leading the Way."

Here's a question that should have already been posed to the Governor or his Genardo: "How much is the Heritage Foundation paying the Governor for this speaking engagement?" We're waiting.

Civitas holds astroturf convention

With a smattering of creepy nut-jobs to round out the mix:

James O’Keefe, the president of Project Veritas, a non-profit organization dedicated to training video muckrakers nationwide. From student newspaper editors to bloggers to video producers to journalists, enterprising muckrakers across the country look to James for inspiration, advice, and encouragement.

Jeez, I hope not. We already have more than enough sexual harassers exposing women to inappropriate and compromising situations in this country as it is:

The subversion of democracy

Senator Jim DeMint speaking to the Heritage Foundation's well-heeled donors a few months ago. The most damning parts, which Heritage's soon-to-be President seems to think are impressive, start about 7 minutes in:

Talk about selling out...

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