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Tholl-Road Thom meets Lane-Closing Christie in an orgy for over-sized egomaniacs

Big fundraising to-do in Wilmington last night, when the sleaziest governor in America, Chris Christie, showed up to support the sleaziest candidate in America, Thom Tillis. A good time was had by all.

And Christie, who said he couldn't wait to shake hands with all the protesters, quietly ducked out the back door and escaped without meeting a single person.

Birds of a feather, couple a scumbags, whatever. Tillis is toast.

What's not to like?

McCrory is less creepy than Tillis, but they both have the same baggage

It's not surprising that Tillis wants to cozy up to somebody, anybody, who could possible help burnish his miserable personality. But Pat McCrory? Seriously?

Chris Fitzsimon has a good take on the very odd couple:

But there’s somebody else who is surely watching the Senate battle carefully— Governor Pat McCrory—and not just because of his own political affiliation or his close relationship with Speaker Tillis. The race is in many ways a preview of what McCrory will face in 2016 when he presumably will be running for reelection. Despite his efforts to claim independence from the powerful leaders of the General Assembly—most notably his incessant claim that he is “stepping on the toes of the right and the left”—he has been a willing if not enthusiastic partner of the hard-right agenda of the legislative leadership that is so unpopular.

Tillis in a tailspin

A number of polls show Speaker Tillis falling behind Senator Hagan. To turn things around, Tillis needs to climb a treacherous mountain. He needs to paint the Senator as a radical socialist who does nothing but support Obama's agenda. He needs to convince people that she's lazy, disengaged, and out-of-step with North Carolina values. That's not going to happen. None of that stuff is even remotely true, and people know it. The more Tillis beats the drum, the sillier he seems. He tried this approach in the first debate and came away looking like a schmuck.

This is exactly what happened in the State Supreme Court primary when Republican liars went after Robin Hudson with attack ads that didn't pass the smell test:

Sunday sermon

Coming Soon To An NC Interstate Near You?

Last night, FiveThirtyEight blog reported a marked shift in polling on the NC Senate contest between incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan and NC House Speaker Thom Tillis.

In North Carolina, a Rasmussen Reports poll found Democrat Kay Hagan ahead of Republican Thom Tillis 45 percent to 39 percent. Tillis had led in the previous Rasmussen survey by 5 percentage points. Another North Carolina poll released Thursday, by SurveyUSA, gave Hagan a 3-point lead (46 percent to 43 percent).

Combined, the two polls move Hagan from a "45 percent underdog to a 61 percent percent favorite." But there's not much analysis on why.

Let's speculate, shall we?

Toll Road Thom

In the upside-down world of today's Republican lunacy, forcing commuters to pay more at the toll booth is a free-market proposition that's hard to resist. The theory goes like this:

  • If you use the roads, you pay for the roads.
  • And you have to use the roads because communist transit planning is a no-no.
  • Which means you're screwed unless you have a lot of money or don't work.

That's the thinking behind the Thom Tillis toll-road fetish, with strong backing from Skip Stam and Bill Brawley, all of which has the appearance of a libertarian wet dream. Except for one thing. The "get government off our back crowd" at The Daily Haymaker is none too pleased. They like their roads just the way they are, supported by big government and taxes. I know, it sounds kinda weird. But it's also true. Read all about it.

Tillis to debate himself, courtesy of his favorite company

When Thom Tillis proclaimed he had "business interests" with Time Warner Cable, who knew it would lead to an opportunity for him to hold the stage all by his lonesome in a non-debate that Kay Hagan long ago (back in July) said she wouldn't participate in. Which means Thom Tillis will be end up debating the person who most admires in the world: himself. In Mr. Tillis world, every day is Thom Tillis Day! Pass the popcorn!

What does Thom Tillis mean by "OTC"?

NC Policy Watch has an excellent examination of Thom Tillis' disingenuous pandering on OTC birth control. It's called Con Job on Contraception, and it's definitely worth your while.

It also made me wonder what Tillis actually meant by the acronym:


It's still just silly

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