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NCGOP and the Richter scale

The only thing worse than a failed "cause" are those that continue to support it. Whether it's puppets, puppeteers, the blind or voters, doom in this sense, has no emotion. And one of the greatest media channels which supports this theory are the daily tweets from the NCGOP.

Unintended consequences of gerrymandering

Most people have now heard about the NC GOP mutiny against Thom Tillis in the failure of House bill 1224.

Why couldn't Tillis corral his Republican caucus? He rules through fear and intimidation, and it's rare that his party colleagues cross him.

Well, perhaps the very gerrymandering that put him in his position of power also cost him the ability to get what he wants when the stakes are high.

“[Tillis] is one of the most criticized speakers in modern times and, because of redistricting, does not hold the same degree of power over caucus members through controlling huge amounts of campaign money that people need for reelection,” [Meredith College political science expert David] McLennan said.

Unprincipled birds of a feather: Romney to raise cash for Tillis

Thom Tillis, who will say and do anything to get elected and who has been caught saying terrible things when he thought he was talking only to tea party insiders, has found the perfect BFF to help him raise some campaign cash: a guy with a demonstrated record of saying and doing anything to get elected and who has been caught saying terrible things when he thought he was talking only to tea party insiders.

Mitt Romney is scheduled to attend a fundraiser Tuesday evening for U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis in Charlotte.

Romney’s visit is a high-profile boost for Tillis’ campaign. The Republican House speaker is struggling to raise money to keep pace with Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan as he continues to preside over a prolonged legislative session in which his own Republican caucus is pushing back on his priorities.

Pop the cork: Timid Thom Tillis breaks his silence

If you dislike commercials and especially political advertising from right-wing, self absorbed Tillisians, it's time to head out to your nearest army-navy surplus store for defensive supplies. In my case, it will be a set of night vision goggles with the eye pieces painted over in black. Next, a wool army blanket for which I can cut up into a million pieces; for perpetual insertion into my ear canals. The muti-million dollar ad assault campaign is on. For Tillis and his group of groupies, more money down the rabbit hole. Of course if ads aren't your style, there's always online, or in print "news" from the John Locke Crock Foundation; or perhaps, a conservative think dunk tank.

Tillis has a meltdown

The NC House and Senate were expected to adjourn today.

But that was before Thom Tillis decided to throw a big wrench in the works -- and his GOP colleagues revolted!

The House rejected the [business incentives] bill earlier this month, but now the proposal is tied to an unrelated measure aimed at sparing teacher assistant jobs. Many districts have said that, despite legislative promises, the state budget will force them to cut teaching assistant positions.

Tillis linked a third bill on Friday, a measure that would give Wake County the option to hold a referendum in 2016 on a .25 percent sales tax increase.

The maneuvering uses one piece of legislation to undo provisions in the incentives bill, which otherwise would kill Wake County’s option to levy a quarter-cent sales tax to raise teacher salaries.

Dallas Woodhouse's stealth Tillis US Senate campaign ad

Which is really not that stealthy:

The question you should be asking, Tim, is where did Dallas get the $1.5 million to run this commercial?

Never underestimate the ability of political fodder

Political advertising in print, on television, or by way of the internets, is usually filled with half lies, a few lies, and full blown propaganda. And almost one hundred percent of the time (with the exception of the often cursory introduction) with a margin of error equal to this space, ----- those same ads are generated towards the opposition. Clever and like minded people rarely, if ever, attempt to eat one of their own. Occasionally it happens and then, the ulterior motive theory exists; especially in regard to absence of information, or excuses for absence of information; or maybe the dog ate it.

Climate, weather? Ask Weir or Tillis

When people speak of North Carolina, the word "moderate" or "moderation" comes to mind. For those seeking to move here and are looking at specific qualities in addition to good schools, roads and the closeness of the beach and mountains, real estate agents in particular will note the "moderate climate"; a good selling point for those wishing to escape cold and harsh winters or boiling summers. Lately, I've come to associate "climate" with rube politicans; of which many reside and or represent urban areas of our state and nation. We are also blessed with bandwidth, pseudo meterologists and politicians; where either a link and or program is only one second away from the next, biblically speaking, climate revelation.

Rapid response to aliens and sorcerers regarding AG Cooper

As I posted last week, Norm Sanderson held a seance at Floyd's 1921 restaurant in Morehead City. In an upstairs room, mysterious concoctions boiled under the glow of candlelight while premonition(s) were murmured with an undecipherable tongue. Welcome to politics along the North Carolina coast. Where the mating of blue crabs under a full moon and Andromedans surfing on the backs of dolphins through Beaufort Inlet are a common occurrence.

Tillis shines shoes in Washington, DC; or does he?

I once heard a guy tell me that if Naw'th Carolina didn't get "this" Medicaid problem under control, Thom Tillis would be toast. He said he was a Republican; we were sitting at a bar in Raleigh, and I bought him a beer.

I keep wondering about all of those trips Thom Tillis has been taking to Washington, DC. You know, the ones he claims and has been reported as fund raising raiding. Even minor league Republicans (those that descend from the trees at dusk) and are from rural North Carolina, despise him. He surely doesn't give a damn about them; never did, never will.

In doubling a no-bid contract to $6.8 million, the state Department of Health and Human Services has turned over the financial management of North Carolina’s $13 billion Medicaid program to a Washington-area consulting firm.

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