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Tillis hones his IRS and BenghaziCare skills

Jumping on the meme bandwagon:

“The Obama administration and Kay Hagan have shown a complete lack of willingness to get the bottom of this scandal to determine whether or not Americans were targeted for their political beliefs,” said Tillis. “The IRS’ excuse that it conveniently lost emails that were subpoenaed by Congress is simply outrageous, and yet Kay Hagan continues to provide President Obama with political cover, once again failing to hold him accountable. The American people deserve the truth, and it’s time for a special prosecutor to be appointed to investigate.”

Speaking of e-mails, Thommy, what about all those back-and-forth communications related to the NC GOP's voter suppression efforts during gerrymandering season? Your IRS accusation has already been proven false after an in-depth perusal of the records, but investigations into the GOP here in NC have been stymied by claims of privilege and immunity. Give up all of those e-mails, and then you can bitch about the IRS.

More rope, please

In the spirit of "give them all the rope they want," I'm kind of excited about the Hobby Lobby decision today. Not only does it tilt the balance in favor of more women voting in November, but it also will speed the emergence of a single-payer system of healthcare in America.

You can't have this sort of idiocy happening and expect average people to sit by and take it.

And even though Thom Tillis has put a happy face on his #hobbylobby Twitter posts, the strategist in him is surely grinding his teeth in despair. Tillis already had a big hill to climb to win women's votes, and now that big hill is looking like Mt. Everest.

Women are watching, Mr. Tillis. And women are pissed. It won't be long before it's payback time, and that will be an awesome thing to watch.


Tillis (and the entire Republican party) has a problem with women

Thomas Mills has a good post up today, analyzing recent polling data to see just what Thom Tillis is up against in his bid to oust Kay Hagan. We all knew Tillis would have a hard time recovering from his War on Women, and now Mr. Mills has the numbers to confirm it.

The Republican Revolution that Tillis ran on in the primary never had broad support. It satisfied the corporate North Carolina and tried to mollify the social conservatives and Tea Partiers. In the process, it alienated women and left our public schools, community colleges, and universities hurting. Now, Tillis is beginning to reap what he sowed.

Now all we need to do it work to make sure those women turn out in droves this November. Something tells me they're going to do just that.

Which should also be good news for Robin Hudson.


Why Tillis was "cherry-picked" by Karl Rove

The king of manipulators picks horses he can ride:

Tillis, a once-obscure state House speaker, is now one of Rove’s prize horses in the national money derby; Crossroads spent more than $1.6 million on advertising boosting Tillis’ primary campaign and later unveiled a $3.6 million ad campaign attacking Hagan. “Our advertising was terrific,” Rove declared on the call, and Tillis gave credit to Crossroads for his victory, saying in his smooth drawl that the group’s “contribution can’t be overstated.”

One big problem Rove has going forward, and one reason he’s cultivating unknowns like Tillis, is that many big-name Republicans want to keep their distance from him, especially the leading 2016 candidates. Jeb Bush’s allies see Rove as an unhelpful reminder of the most toxic elements of his older brother’s legacy, according to people familiar with their thinking.

One big thing Tillis and Dubya have in common is they were pretty much a blank slate when Rove got behind them. They're okay with generalities, but when it comes to the nuts and bolts of governing, they haven't got a clue. Which is just perfect for people like Karl Rove, who thrive on setting policy from the shadows. But Tillis is playing a pretty dangerous game, which may lose him some big bucks:

In his own words


Guvnor Pat gives Tillisberger a good laugh

Guvnor McClueless continues to operate under the delusion that he is somehow relevant in state government, although most everyone realizes that he's Tillisberger's hired pen, nothing more.

He recently offered two more humorous demonstrations of his view from his home in Alternate Realityville.

First, he summoned reporters to tell them what would happen if the House and Senate can't agree on a budget. It boggles the mind why any of the reporters bothered to show up, but they did, and Pat gave them the lowdown.

McCrory called reporters to his office on Monday afternoon to let them know he has told Budget Director Art Pope to issue a directive letting state agencies know how they should proceed if the current two-year budget isn’t amended in the next eight days – which is pretty much the whole reason the legislature is back in town for the short session.

Thom Tillis timeline of attacks on real North Carolinians

Earlier this week I took a jab at Thom Tillis on Father's Day in honor of all the dads in North Carolina who are struggling under failed Republican policies pushed through the NCGA by Tillis and the Republican leadership. While it was a fun post to write, it really didn't shine a bright enough light on the problems dads (and moms) face in North Carolina. Allow me to close out Thom Tillis Day by correcting that.

The following are just a few of the many ways that Thom Tillis has shown a lack of respect for the citizens of this state and the ways that he has hurt North Carolina citizens and families by attacking them where and when they are most vulnerable.

Follow below the fold for the evidence...

Thom Tillis Day at BlueNC


Thom Tillis Day at BlueNC

In the run-up to November, Thom Tillis should doing his best to project an aura of leadership and good judgment. That means the Thom Tillis we're seeing today is about as good as it's gonna get, and if that doesn't scare the dickens out of you, well, you're probably one of those 15 percenters who think Jesus rode a dinosaur when he drove the money changers out of the temple.

In honor of Mr. Tillis and the spotlight he so desperately wants, we hereby proclaim Friday, June 20th, as Thom Tillis Day at BlueNC. Happy day, Mr. Speaker. We're looking forward to your retirement!

To get the ball rolling:


GOP Twitter Wars

It seems my Father's Day gift to Thom Tillis offended some Republicans and they took to Twitter to let me know just how they feel. Mark Cates of Asheville was offended that I would use a high holy Hallmark holiday to criticize good ol' "traditional" Thom, while No Status Quo called me a "condescending POS" as he or she hid behind the safety of a pseudonym.

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