Thom Tillis

November, 2014

When it comes to the election of 2014, we are going to see a close correlation between polling numbers for the Affordable Care Act and for Sen. Kay Hagan. Last summer when Moral Monday events were feeding the press, everyone in the state was angry at the actions of the NCGA. Hagan’s numbers were high. Now, with the news concerned only with what is happening in Washington and local Republicans out of the headlines, that anger has faded, and with it her poll numbers.

I know Thom Tillis

If you hang around the consulting business, like I do, you come across some of the brightest people in the world. And mostly, they’re very good guys. They work insane hours, travel endlessly, and have aggressive goals year after year after year. This is especially true in the top-tier firms, where partners can earn many millions of dollars. That’s where Thom Tillis came from.

What’s also true about the consulting business is the fact that it has a symbiotic relationship with government. In a world where specialized talent is needed for complex government systems integration, consultants are hired by the thousands to implement technology solutions.


Speaking of Tillis: Where do you stand, Thom?

I don't expect Tillis to answer me, after all, he's not responded to a single request or message I've sent him in the past two years. But perhaps some enterprising reporter will find a way to get in front of the guy to ask a simple question about impeaching President Obama.

Where do you stand, Thom?

Tillis snubs Tea Party again, yet doesn't suffer in the polls

Somebody's being tested, and it may not be the candidates:

Thursday night’s forum was the fourth that Tillis has skipped as he pursues what he describes as a methodical strategy for winning not only the primary but a high-stakes general election. Critics accuse him of ducking tough questions and skeptical voters.

Tillis’ primary reflects the tension between the tea party and GOP establishment that’s evident across the country. Several incumbents including Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham face challenges from the right.

Make no mistake, establishment Republicans do want to win a majority of the seats in the US Senate, but they don't want to bring the craziness of the House over into their corporate boardroom Senate. And NC's Senate race is shaping up to be ground zero in that battle, with Tillis doing exactly what they tell him to. And Greg Brannon is doing his best to capitalize on that:

Tillis tries to court the anti-abortion zealotry fringe

Here comes the GOP US Senate Primary crazy train:

Um, you're not running against McCrory, Thom. And if you try to out-crazy Greg Brannon, you won't be running against Kay Hagan, either.

It's all about transparency

That's what the GOP told us the voter suppression law was about -- greater transparency.

But there's no transparency for the back-room dealings that led to the voter suppression law. Oh, no, all that is completely opaque.

Thirteen legislators, all Republicans, have tried to quash subpoenas requiring them to produce any documents they created or received concerning the “rationale, purpose and implementation” of House Bill 589.

Sen. Phil Berger, leader of the state Senate, was among the group, as was Thom Tillis, the speaker of the House. Others include Sen. Bob Rucho of Mecklenburg County, Rep. Ruth Samuelson of Mecklenburg, Rep. Larry Pittman of Concord and Rep. David Lewis, the Harnett County Republican who helped lead the 2011 redrawing of legislative and congressional districts being challenged in court.

Thank you for contributing to Tillis for Senate

Yes, you. Thanks for contributing to Thom's US Senate campaign. We all did.

Tillis's ridiculous "study" of the "impacts" of the Affordable Care Act on North Carolina is, if course, a politically motivated sham.

According to a statement from the legislative leaders' offices, "The committee is being formed to explore the real world impacts that the Affordable Care Act is having on North Carolina's economy and citizens through disruptions in the insurance marketplace, dropped coverage for families and higher premiums without improved access to providers."

We know it's a politically motivated sham because they've all but said that they will ignore positive effects of Obamacare and ignore the negative impacts of the NCGA's own stupid policies such as not setting up a state exchange and refusing federally funded Medicaid expansion.

What the American Legislative Exchange Council has Wrought

The American Legislative Exchange Council Profit Delivery System

Paul Weyrich, American Legislative Exchange Council's paterfamilias, began prejudicing policy makers in the 1970s. The Weyrich résumé also includes the Heritage Foundation, Moral Majority and Free Congress Foundation.

Mitt Tillis

Gary Pearce nails it.

Tillis looks and sounds like the Mitt Romney that people hated in 2012: a wealthy corporate boardroom guy surrounded by white men in suits. The ad screams: I’m most at home in the corporate suites and at the head of the conference table.

More to the point, the ad screams the truth. Divide-and-conquer Tillis is all about the 1%.


"I don't see that Tillis has much in the way of principles."

One day last September, Thom Tillis said some nice things about extending the tax incentives for the film industry in North Carolina. Less than two weeks later, good ol' Thom received $28,600 in campaign contributions from out-of-state executives at Screen Gems. Who knew Tillis could be bought for that kind of chump change?

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