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Tillis lies, gets called out, attempts damage control

For some odd reason, NC's incentives for movie production in the state have recently become controversial. For years it's been known that they're an economic and job-producing engine. But now that the loons have taken over, they seem more interested in subsidizing gun manufacturers than movie makers.

Still, folks who believe that the film industry is good for North Carolina, especially those from the Wilmington area (which has become a little Hollywood of the east), have been fighting to keep the incentives. Not expand them, just keep them.

They worked and fought hard. It appeared that their perseverance and fact-based arguments would win the day.

But then Thom Tillis stepped in.

A bachelor's degree in lottery from UNC

Impossible you say? I don't think so.

In my many years of watching crap ooze from Jones Street, I'd be remiss in thinking I've both seen and heard it all. From Neal Hunt-R and his 75 MPH (excessive speed) bill to the idiots who proposed tolling the majority of North Carolina's ferries, Jim Black-D still holds the record for the most self-righteous legislation in recent memory. Known as the "Payback My Optometrists' Friends Bill", Black proposed having mandating that every child in North Carolina, upon entering school, have an eye exam. Of course these exams would be given by the very same people that got Black elected in the first place; a sort of refilling of pockets previously emptied for political contributions. And as disingenuous as he was obvious, Black, just like his legislation, would soon go up in flames.

Tillis has a gambling problem

Thomas Mills offers a smart take-down of the GOP's approach to fiscal responsibility today, with a post called Gaming the system. It's funny, in a sad sort of way, and brilliantly done. Check it out.

Meanwhile, Tillis is building a legislative record that no reasonable person could ever defend, and which will be the source of many pointed attacks over the next five months before the November election.

Right wing idiocy reaches tipping point, becomes the entire Republican party

Anyone observing politics these days will have noticed the razor sharp edge of debate around the release of Bowe Bergdahl. I believe this debate is leading to a tipping point about the insanity of the radical right in general, and the Republican party in particular. With madness going mainstream, average people are shaking their heads and wondering, WTF is going on here?

Only two months ago, Republican leaders were singing the praises of Bergdahl, rightly calling for action to get him released. But now, in the throes of a smear campaign that rivals the swiftboating of John Kerry, these same leaders are accusing Bergdahl of desertion, treason, and worse. Some are even calling for Obama's impeachment because of his handling of Bergdahl's release.

Thom Tillis: The very definition of a chickenshit opportunist

Listen up, asshole. Your career as a fancy consultant and squeaker of the NC House in no way qualifies you to even have an opinion about what our Commander in Chief is doing in military matters. And just because ALEC gave you some convenient talking points doesn't mean you have to use them.


Delusional Pat issues "stern warnings"

To his credit, DAG McCrony has criticized several aspects of the NC Senate's off-the-rails budget. We suspect that's more because the Senate thoroughly ignored Pat's budget than it is about actual policy decisions. Still, having the governor call out some of the more extreme budget measures, and saying he disagrees with them, is likely to be useful.

But it also demonstrates Pat's delusions once again, as if he hadn't demonstrated his mental shortcomings enough already.

Pat issued "stern warnings" about the NC Senate's loony budget and said it would be tough to reach a budget compromise.

With the Senate’s stance, however, McCrory said compromise in the end may prove difficult.

Thom Tillis the joke

I was getting ready to write about Thom Tillis' ridiculous response to Kay Hagan on the subject of campaign debates. Fortunately, Thomas Mills beat me to it at Politics NC.

Last week, Kay Hagan responded to an offer by the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters to host a debate by accepting their proposal and urging Thom Tillis to do so, too. In her letter, she encouraged Tillis and his campaign to agree to a debate schedule “worthy of the people of our great state.”

So what did Tillis do? He called for ten debates. That’s right – ten. What an ass. Hagan made a decent proposal and he fires back with sophomoric one-upmanship.

Climbing trees while the forest is burning

A while back, I wrote about the devil's deal unfolding in the legislature. But even with my deeply held cynicism, I couldn't have predicted the sham in progress. They're not just robbing Peter to pay Paul, they're stomping the shit out of Peter, and telling Paul he's going to be next if he doesn't toe the line.

Meanwhile, establishment pundits are in a tither about whose austerity budget will see the light of day. Is McCrory as irrelevant as he seems? asks Thomas Mills. Will Berger's bluster trump Tillis' tantrums? Will teachers take the bait?

Blue Onion: Magical Teacher Pay Raise

RALEIGH - Speaker Thom Tillis today sharpened his "divide and conquer" strategy, this time on the backs of North Carolina public school teachers.

"We're offering an 11% bribe to any teacher who will give up his or her tenure status," said Tillis in a private meeting with a charter school lobbyist. "That means they'll get more money today ... and they'll get fired tomorrow. A teacher would have to be a fool to pass up this sweet deal."

"It makes total sense to me," said the lobbyist. "Everyone knows public education is going down the toilet. No funding, no respect, no nothing. Teachers should take the money and run."

In an internal memo leaked to this reporter by Tillis spokesman Anna Roberts, several alternative plans were revealed, though none survived the legislative review process. Mr. Tillis simply didn't like them, said Roberts, so they never saw the light of day:

Protesters arrested in Tillis's office

Despite a previous statement from NCGA Police Chief Jeff Weaver that "he didn't plan to arrest the protesters in the speaker's office", he...well...did arrest them after all.

Fourteen protesters were arrested at the North Carolina Legislative Building early Wednesday after sitting in House Speaker Thom Tillis' office for nearly 11 hours.

Nearly 20 protesters, described as "workers from McDonalds, Wendy's and Bojangles and clergy members" and dubbed the "Tillis 15," were removed from Tillis' office at about 1:45 a.m. They were handcuffed with plastic zip-ties and led out of the building one by one by General Assembly police.

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