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50 State Blog Roundup - 2/29/08

This week finds many of us burning the candles at both ends. We see campaigns gearing up in North Carolina as the time for filing to run for public office comes to a close at noon today. Campaigns are looking to hire "internet outreach coordinators" for the first time and BlueNC has been announced as a venue for an open forum discussion between our two Democratic gubernatorial candidates. Imagine seeing that in the newspaper and realizing we didn't have a date set for the event! We will also host a debate or forum between at least three of the four candidates for Lt. Gov. in NC.

50 State Blog Roundup - 2/22/08

Rick Renzi's under indictment, Sue Myrick gets caught with her fingers in the cookie jar - possibly legally, Patrick McHenry has questions surrounding just about everything he does, John Shadegg can't make up his mind. How many more Republicans will get caught up in legal or ethical controversies prior to November?

One way to stay on top of this is to follow along with the state blogs. We're discussing our congress critters and their shenanigans long before it hits the national scene. Stop by. Check us out. You too can be the first to know.

50 state Blog Roundup - 2/15/08

There are some interesting stories coming out of the 50 State community blogs. If you don't see your favorite state on the list check out the state blogrolls at Open Left and MyDD.

I'm sorry we didn't post at Open Left last week. There was a coding issue and I'm not talented enough to fix it.


Obama up 15+ in Virginia

Many have been concerned that we shouldn't pay too much attention to the polls. I agree, and present...Obama's Virginia Headquarters. Now get to work!
(h/t RaisingKaine)


Two polls have confirmed it! Obama over 50%, and Clinton under 40%

SurveyUSA has Obama up 59-37. The poll was conducted of Democratic Primary voters in Virginia.

The second poll is Insider's Advantage, which shows Obama up 52-37.

More below the fold, focusing on our neighbor to the North.

50 State Blog Roundup - Double the Fun

This week we bring you double the pleasure in our 50 State Blog Roundup. Real life threw me a curve ball last week and I wasn't able to follow through with the roundup. My apologies. You will find last week's roundup tagging along at the end.

Without further delay, here's what's going on locally at our state community blogs:

50 State Blog Roundup - Eve of SC Primary

On the eve of the South Carolina primary, those of us near the state are busy canvassing, calling and doing everything we can to stay on top of the local news. Earlier today I pulled up every online newspaper I could find listed for the state and found that the local news was doing a better job than the national media at portraying the race for the Democratic presidential nomination as a three person race.

50 State Blog Roundup - Pre-Nevada Caucus Edition

Here is your roundup for the eve of the Nevada Caucuses. Scroll to the bottom and head on over to My Silver State for some excellent and balanced (they actually admit John Edwards exists) coverage of the top three Democratic candidates.

The writers at the state blogs are working hard to bring us the latest on the Dem congressional candidates. Check them out, especially if you live in a very red district and need a Democrat to adopt.

Here's your roundup:

50 State Blog Roundup - 1/11/08

Once again the writers at the state community blogs are busy staying on top of local and state news and bringing local flavor to national news. It takes longer each week to pull this together because I find myself caught up in reading the excellent coverage provided by these state blogs.

Find an interesting post and jump in the conversation. If you don't see your state represented here, check out the state blogroll at OpenLeft.com or MyDD.


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