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50 State Blog Roundup 12/21/07

In all the mad rush surrounding this time of year bloggers at the 50 State community blogs are busy staying on top of local news. It's a bit shorter than last week, but should give you some good reading over the weekend.

A personal thank you to Karl for putting together a comprehensive roundup for us last week and for helping me pull together submissions for this week.

Here's your 50 State Blog Roundup for the week of December 21, 2007:

50 State Blog Network Roundup - 12/7/2007

Today's 50-state blog roundup is brought to you by the letters B, N, and C - BlueNC. Major, major hat-tip to Betsy, who really did all the work. If you aren't reading your state's blog, you should be, because "all politics is local" should be more than a motto. This is an interesting week, the Presidential Primary is heating up in the early states (see below), while Virginia holds a special election next Tuesday. At the same time state legislatures seem to be trying and sneak in some iffy legislation before the holiday season. Enjoy!

p.s. It's my birthday this weekend, I'll keep celebrating until I turn 40.

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50 State Blog Roundup

This week's roundup is made possible thanks to the major efforts of boadicea. Residing in one of those "W" states, I'm turning the tyranny of the alphabet on its head this week. Here's the 50 State Blog Network Roundup--this week running from Wisconsin to Alabama!

Clem G.
Wet Virginia Blue

50 State Blog Network Roundup

This week's Roundup was compiled by EricV at PrairieStateBlue. Permission is granted to cross-post at your blog.

50-State Blog Network Weekly Roundup: 07/07/07 - 07/13/07
Happy Friday the 13th! Looks like it wasn't a lucky one for ethically challenged Republicans. Between the prostitution scandals and the increasingly obvious failure of the Iraq war to accomplish anything Republicans are being hit hard across the states. Remember that all politics is local and support your local state blogs!

OLF back in the news

Why is it that Virginia has Senators who actually do something, while North Carolina has Senators who choose to treat we the people like mushrooms (i.e., keep us in the dark and feed us manure)? The same applies to North Carolina newspapers. I had to go all the way to Virginia to find this story:

Virginia officials will announce next week a list of sites they're recommending the Navy consider for a practice jet landing field. "We've tried to broadly identify tracts of land that are within the flight range that the Navy is looking for," Robert P. Crouch Jr., assistant to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine for commonwealth preparedness, said Friday. "It's painted with a very broad brush."

The outlying landing field would take pressure off Fentress Auxiliary Landing Field in Chesapeake, where Navy pilots practice "touch and go" maneuvers. Friday's announcement was the latest development in a long-delayed effort to reduce noise generated by jets at Oceana Naval Air Station while preserving the base's future.

50 State Blog Roundup

BlueNC wasn't started as part of a 50 state blog plan, but during the course of the past few years the major state blogs have made contact with each other and now submit summaries each week for a roundup. The following is this week's roundup:

End-of-Quarter Blog Fundraising Asks

cross-posted from the new ActBlue Blog

On Monday I posted a tip for spicing up ActBlue fundraising pages by embedding video into 'asks'. This is a very powerful fundraising tactic--especially when the asker and audience have an existing relationship.

Over at Calitics, a great community blog in California, they've taken that suggestion and run with it. I've included a screenshot of their pitch to the right (click on it to view a bigger version in a new window). Besides the video, Calitics’ blogger Brian uses several of the principles of fundraising to make a really compelling plea for his candidates.  Some of the successful elements they have included:


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