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Puppy mills vs shelter dogs: There's only one moral choice

Because the death toll is staggering:

Two million dogs are euthanized in shelters across the United States each year. The Humane Society of the United States says it’s a disturbingly high statistic that most people are unaware of. Now, consider the flip side: about two million dogs are brought into existence each year and sold by commercial breeders, competing against otherwise adoptable, existing animals waiting in shelters but unable to find homes.

“There is a direct correlation, a very obvious correlation, that this industry is directly participating in the pet overpopulation problem,” Erica Geppi, the North Carolina Director for the US Humane Society, explained to WECT of puppy mills. She says there are some reputable breeders, but far too many are breeding litter after litter in inhumane conditions, putting profit over animal welfare.

Normally I don't do fluffy bunny stories here, because we try to remain laser-focused on politics and policy. But it is glaringly obvious the free market cares nothing about animal cruelty, and their only hope lies in sound and humane policy decisions. And it is also obvious that North Carolina is one of the worst states when it comes to the euthanization of unwanted domestic pets:

Guilford County Commission joins war against News & Record

If you don't like the reporting, kill the newspaper:

WHEREAS, in recent action, the North Carolina General Assembly has taken measures to advance communication options among local governments with the creation of HB 205 that sought to modernize the publication of legal advertisements and public notices to allow Guilford County, and any municipality in Guilford County, in lieu of printed publication, the option to post legal advertisements and notices on the county web site; and,

WHEREAS, not only does the option of electronic noticing broaden customer service and foster public participation, it also serves to provide an efficient and cost-effective means of communication all at the click of a button.

I realize many reading this do not subscribe to a daily newspaper, and get their information online instead. As such, you may be tempted to agree with this policy change, or (maybe worse) find yourself indifferent. But this is not about increasing dissemination of legal notices, it's about defunding an already struggling publication, the Greensboro News & Record. The N&R has been a strong, mostly progressive voice in the region, and has called out Republicans countless times for their inhumane and often unconstitutional actions. But aside from that "kill the paper" goal of this bill, the very premise that shifting that information online will increase the number of people who see them is faulty, for several reasons. The most obvious reason is the low traffic to the site, but here's another: In order to host all those legal notices, the government website will likely cache them in pdf files, further burying that information. That's not just my opinion:

Trudy Wade's "garbage juice" bill just more pay-to-play politics


The Queen of Trash strikes again:

A measure on its way to the governor's desk would allow landfills to collect the contaminated liquid that leaks from the trash and shoot it up into the air over the dump, using giant blowers called aerosolizers. The process would save waste companies money by reducing the amount of contaminated wastewater they have to pay to treat.

House Bill 576 would require the state Department of Environmental Quality to approve permits for the process, which Sen. Trudy Wade, R-Guilford, insisted Thursday is safe, though Democrats said they never received studies or data they had requested as evidence of that. The inventor of the aerosolizer technology, patent holder Kelly Houston of Cornelius, contributed $5,000 to Wade's campaign in June 2016, according to state campaign finance records.

And that $5,000 is all the evidence Trudy Wade needs. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with some Guilford County voters? When Wade is not trying to gerrymander the hell out of Greensboro, she's trying to contaminate the entire countryside with nasty landfill water. Trash collecting trucks leaking stinky water right in front of your house? Suck it up. Tired of the smell coming from that dump in your neighborhood? Just wait until we start spraying it in the air, you'll love that. And they keep electing her. Here's more from Lisa Sorg:

Greensboro N&R blasts Trudy Wade for anti-environmental stances


No ambiguity in this assessment:

The Republican state senator from Greensboro is, yet again, pushing more poisonous legislation that would trash critical protections for North Carolina’s groundwater and reservoirs. Call her Queen of the Landfills. High Priestess of Pollution. Grand Dame of the Dumpster. Goodness knows she’s earned it.

At this point, Wade’s latest attempt to kill and bury e-waste recycling, which was approved in the Senate Monday, seems unlikely to pass in the House. But odds are, she’ll be back. She has pressed in the past for reductions in air-quality monitoring, removal of some wetlands protections and softer penalties for companies that cause ground, air or water pollution. She is, in a way, a recycler herself — of bad ideas for special interests. And it’s a dirty shame.

Really don't need to add anything to that, other than the observation the idiots in her Senate District will continue to support her, because they hate the Democrat-dominated Greensboro City Council. Which of course reflects the demographics of the City itself, where Republicans only represent 17% of the population. Bitter, belligerent, and burn-the-house-down immature. Helluva combination.

Trudy Wade shows her love for Donald Trump

Blind loyalty to an unapologetic demagogue:

“Instead of wringing his hands and worrying about what other countries think of us, Donald Trump will put America first and protect all Americans,” Wade declared. “Now everyone knows that our highest priority needs to be keeping our children safe — all of our children. Donald Trump has told the American people that he will keep them safe by making our military the best in the world and by destroying ISIS.”

America (check) Children (check) ISIS (check). When you've only got less than a minute to run your yap, you have to make sure you push all the emotional buttons. When I consider the fact Wade used to be a Democrat, my gag reflex starts to kick in. But she still has a long way to go before catching up to Trump on the immaturity front:

The devil in the details: Trudy Wade's "stealth" earmark


When your neutrality is just a flimsy facade:

High Point’s Library Plaza project also won’t have to compete with other towns and cities. Of the $2 million allocated for the Main Street Solutions fund, the budget bill requires $1 million to go to a city with a population between 105,000 and 110,000 located in a county that changed its state poverty ranking last year.

High Point is the only city that fits the bill.

Half of the entire budget going to one project. Which is probably why Wade felt the need to add an extra layer of obfuscation. It's exactly these kinds of "tailor-made" budget allocations that Republicans used to trumpet loudly about, when they complained about "Democrat corruption" in the General Assembly. But now it's just clever lawmaking.

After failure to disenfranchise voters, Trudy Wade goes after environment


Defending the indefensible:

That measure, included in the Senate’s version of the Regulatory Reform Act of 2015, would eliminate all air-quality monitoring not required by federal law. A chart released recently by the state Division of Air Quality suggests that could knock out 58 of the 115 testing devices that environmental regulators currently check at a total of 50 test stations across the state, screening for such pollutants as ozone, air toxics, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, lead, nitrate and various types of particulate matter.

“It would strengthen it, I would think,” she said of the bill’s impact on air-quality, “because it would put it at the local level where you could identify where a problem is coming from.”

She's said a lot of stupid things recently, but this one might take the anti-science cake. It's like saying you should get rid of the carbon monoxide detectors in your home, because they don't tell you which specific appliance or air circulation problem is trying to kill you. The Senate's rewrite of these bills are so bad not a single House vote was cast in their favor:

Greensboro's "laboratory of democracy" is on fire

National coverage of the NC GOP's meddling in local government:

Granted, if you want arrogant bungling, Mr. LePage is your man, but we leave the piney woods for now and journey down to the indubitably insane state of North Carolina, where the prion disease now afflicts almost every level of government. For example, they are doing some spectacular monkey-mischief with how the city of Greensboro governs itself.

The new law distributes the city's 186,120 registered voters into eight new districts, jettisons three at-large council seats, limits the mayor's ability to vote and ends the city's longstanding practice of holding an October primary before the November general election..."This is democracy at its worst," state Rep. Ralph Johnson (D-Guilford) said earlier on the House floor. "What this is telling the citizens of Greensboro is, 'You're not smart enough to decide your form of government.' Point blank. "This vote will tell the citizens of Greensboro how much they are respected in Raleigh," Johnson said.

I think Ralph got it wrong, at least about the "not smart enough" thing. The GOP knows they're outnumbered in Greensboro, and now the people know they know, and that they are prepared to cheat and steal to increase their power. This is not a "paternalistic" move, it's disenfranchisement in pursuit of control. And about as far away from democracy as you can get.

Trudy Wade continues her attacks on municipalities


Dividing and conquering GOP-style:

“There really isn’t an exit clause for citizens,” Wade said of the perceived historic district shortcoming she aims to fix. “This is just clarifying a way to abolish (the special tax district) if they see the need to do that."

“It’s not written that way,” Vaughan said of Wade’s expressed desire to limit the impact to historic districts. “I know there’s concern among a number of other mayors over the negative impact it could have on their downtowns.” And Vaughan questioned the need for another exit ramp from historic districts, noting that existing law already allows the City Council to abolish such districts.

Oh no, when Trudy says "citizens," she isn't talking about their duly elected representatives, or even the City's citizens themselves as a whole. She's talking about a small subset of citizens who can be manipulated into voting the way the GOP wants. When your party can only claim 19% popularity, here's the approach you must use: (Citywide Referendum = Bad) (Small Enclave Referendum = Good). Why let the voters choose, when you can choose the voters?

Trudymander: verb.

I found a new political term on twitter tonight.


Trudymandering is what happens to the North Carolina town of Greensboro when un-named and unspecified 'people' ask Sen Trudy Wade to gerrymander the town to ensure the election of Republicans.


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