Virginia Foxx, Matthew Shepard, and "fake news"

Saturday was the 20th anniversary of the brutal kidnapping and murder of Matthew Shepard in Laramie, Wyoming. Shepard's father wrote a piece for CNN, reflecting on his son's death and the demonizing of LGBTs and the left and how it turns into violence.

We must not forget that, in 2009, Virginia Foxx called Shepard's kidnapping and murder a "hoax".

Civility and the evil that men do

Recently, we’ve seen the President of the United States call the press our "biggest enemy”. We’ve seen right-wing extremists call for the assassination of journalists and liberals. A Black Democratic woman who is a member of Congress has had to call off public appearances because of death threats after she called for non-violent protest against the members of our hideously corrupt and immoral administration that is kidnapping children and holding them in concentration camps.

Welcome to the world I lived in during the 1980s and 1990s.

National disgrace

We focus on North Carolina state news, but sometimes a national issue demands our attention. The mass incarceration of more than a thousand child migrants is one of those issues. The Liar in Chief and every Republican who supports him are responsible for this outrage.

Know any NC names in Trump's swamp?

ProPublica has published a list of 400 hires by the Trump administration that don't require approval by Congress.

It's a mix of Breitbart conspiracy theorists, lobbyists, and campaign flunkies - some are even recent high school graduates that have been clearly put into high level positions, far beyond any of their actual qualifications.

There are likely some NC connected names here.

Pins for Poll Workers

In 2008 I worked the polls in Forsyth County.

It was a temporary work job through a temporary work agency.

In 2016 I worked the polls in Forsyth County.

It was a temporary work job through the same temporary work agency.

This time, though, the Forsyth County BOE sent me a lapel pin to commemorate my work at the polls.

In 2008 my downtown post was instructed not to instruct voters about how to use the voting machines.

In 2016 my suburban post allowed us to help the voter in any way we could.

I received a pin in 2016.


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