Undocumented Immigrants

When bigotry wears a badge

The color of your skin or the sound of your name is probable cause for persecution:

That same year, Johnson arrested more than 100 Latinos at a local Division of Motor Vehicles office and accused them of using phony documents to obtain driver's licenses. In 2004, according to Hannah Gill, a researcher at the University of North Carolina, Johnson proposed that deputies visit the homes of people with Latino surnames to root out voter fraud.

I think the thing that is most frightening about this is the fact that voters seem to love this guy, which could encourage other sheriffs to follow his bigoted example.

Next GOP target: The little brown people

And of course my Sheriff was front and center advising them what to do:

Alamance Sheriff Terry Johnson says his county’s participation in the federal 287(g) program has helped his deputies arrest and arrange for the deportation of nearly 1,800 illegal immigrants over the past five years. “We deal with criminals who happen to be illegal aliens,” Johnson said.

What he didn't say, probably because no public comments were allowed, which is also probably why there's no mention of it in this news story (it still should have been referenced): The Sheriff and his office have been under investigation by the US DOJ for more than a year for racial profiling:

NC Legislators' Immigration Race to the Bottom

The White House’s and Congress’ continued inaction on responsible immigration reform has led to disaster and crisis, for state governments, local officials, and families alike. But the most serious side effect of this egregious abdication of responsibility is the “open season” many politicians seem to have declared against hard-working immigrant families. In North Carolina, for example, a sheriff’s racist remarks in 2008, used to describe the Latino community during a news interview, resulted not in condemnation but instead praise and adoration. The elected official’s popularity spiked and a Facebook group seeking his re-election was created. Is this really the America we thought we knew?

Meet the Dream Walkers: Felipe, Gaby, Carlos and Juan

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The same day North Carolinian William Gheen, president of the virulently anti-immigrant organization ALIPAC, called on Congress to abandon the Constitution and subvert the 2010 Census data to crack down on undocumented immigrants in his relentless crusade against "the alien invasion," four courageous young immigrant students were making their way through North Carolina on their 1,500 mile walk from Miami, Florida, to Washington, D.C.

Felipe Matos, 23, Gaby Pacheco, 25, Carlos Roa, 22, and Juan Rodriguez, 20, decided that life in the shadows without a chance for a meaningful future was no longer tolerable. They saw their friends and schoolmates lose hope, drop out of school, sink into depression and turn to self-destructive behavior, including suicide. How can these young people believe in themselves if the country they call home does not believe in them or their future? So the four students decided that they had to break the silence and come out of the shadows themselves, risking detention and deportation, to raise awareness about the unbearable plight of undocumented youth in our nation. Thus the Trail of Dreams was born.

Action Alert: Support Community College Access for ALL North Carolinians




In September, the State Board of Community Colleges agreed to allow undocumented students into NC Community Colleges with certain conditions after nearly two years of intense debate. However, this will not take effect until this policy proposal goes through a “Permanent Rule-Making Process,” which could take 6-12 months. This process begins with a Public Hearing, an opportunity for community members to express their opinions on the issue.  This is an essential step in ensuring that the State Board of Community Colleges continues to do the right thing by allowing all students to enroll in any NC community college. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Checkpoint Monitoring: Challenging Racial Profiling

Over the past week the Southern Coalition for Social Justice has been ramping up its efforts to train checkpoint monitors, with public training sessions in Guilford Co, Alamance Co, and Durham, NC . Hundreds of community members, students, and immigrant’s rights allies have been trained in how to respond to police license checkpoints, in response to the growing number of checkpoints which lead to the deportation of thousands of undocumented immigrants which have devastated immigrant communities in the past few years.

More on Virgil Goode......

Youth for Western Civilization is the sponsor of former Rep. Goode's paid appearance this evening at The Student Union auditorium, 6:30 - 8:30 pm.

No Room In The Inn: A Christmas Call for Equal Access to Higher Education

As he did last year, Rev. Dr. William Barber of the North Carolina NAACP gave his Christmas Message on the steps of the North Carolina Community College System. Rev. Barber reflected on Luke 2:7, in which Joseph and Mary are told there is no room in the inn. He called on the leaders of our state to have the courage to "open up these doors and let our children come in."

Don't you think that innkeeper might look back and wish that he had let Jesus into his his inn? Do we want to make the same mistake?

Reversal: Community College Now OK for Undocumented Students

Attorney General Roy Cooper has reversed his stance on the right of undocumented students to attend our state's Community Colleges.

According to the N&O:

AG now says college OK for illegals

RALEIGH - The state Attorney General's Office says it's legal for the N.C. Community College System to admit illegal immigrants.

That advice, given to the colleges Thursday and made public today, represents a reversal for the office of Attorney General Roy Cooper, which advised the colleges in May to bar illegal immigrants from degree programs. The colleges took that advice and issued a new policy prohibiting illegal immigrants from enrolling, even at out-of-state tuition rates. Cooper's office said at the time that post-secondary education might qualify as a public benefit to which illegal immigrants are not entitled under federal law.

This is great news for the students that I work with. I'm very happy. And I think I owe our leadership in the General Assembly an apology of sorts...

NC Community Colleges Close their Doors

North Carolina's Community Colleges have just announced that they are closing their doors to undocumented students.

The Adelante Education Coalition and 83 community organizations are calling for the state of North Carolina to continue allowing the undocumented immigrants to attend our state's public universities and community colleges. A press release from the Adelante Education Coalition about this issue is below.

We're looking for allies to help us with our advocacy efforts. You can learn more about the roles you can play at the Adelante website. My organization, Blue Ribbon Mentor-Advocate, is part of the Adelante Education Coalition. I will be going to the state capitol on May 27 to talk with legislators. Let me know if you'd like to join in.

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