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Urban vs. Rural. The Divide Is Real.

Urban vs. Rural. The divide is real.

The Wall Street Journal published an article last week titled, The Divide Between America's Prosperous Cities and Struggling Small Towns---in 20 Charts. And it's well worth a look from North Carolina law makers.

On urban revitalization and those pesky homeless

Your destitution is depressing my profit margin:

Middlesworth and some neighboring business owners want the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte and nearby Urban Ministry Center to relocate to boost a burgeoning plan to transform North Tryon into Charlotte’s next boom corridor. They argue that the hundreds of homeless individuals who sleep at the shelter and frequent the Urban Ministry for meals and services would discourage development and scare off customers.

Okay, this is an incredibly complex issue and I will try not to oversimplify. But there are many factors that come into play when locating homeless shelters; from access to government offices/services to availability of faith-based (church) substance abuse meetings, as well as a nexus of public transportation options. The farther you move away from city centers, the more difficult it is to both deliver those services and access them. As to Middlesworth's "solution" to the problem:

NC GOP hypocrisy about wealth inequality

The NC GOP, champions of making the wealthy wealthier and the poor poorer, seem to have a different viewpoint when it comes to the collective wealth of cities and counties.

A redistribution of local sales tax revenue to benefit poor counties is on the agenda for legislative leaders preparing for the session that begins in January.


Republicans from both chambers are talking about changing the distribution formula to funnel more to rural areas. No one offered specifics, but such a shift has the potential to pit urban counties against rural.

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