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GOP voter fraud hunt is really a lack of electoral confidence

Renewed attacks on voting rights in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and other states are as much about power as about policy and race. The hand wringing over elusive "fraud" is because America's majority ethnic group sees its traditional grip on power eroding with shifting demographics.

In North Carolina last week, Republican lawmakers again raised the alarm over the possibility that hundreds -- maybe thousands -- had criminally cast ballots in two states in the 2012 election. GOP leaders were quick to insist that the numbers justified the draconian voting law they passed in the last legislative session. The U.S. Department of Justice has challenged the law in court.

Chris Kromm of the Institute for Southern Studies just as quickly debunked the study by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach whose office, after checking 5 million voter records in 2013, "couldn't provide any evidence of a single instance in which the Interstate Crosscheck's data had led to an actual legal charge of voter fraud." Because the data, Kromm writes, "offers no proof such fraud is occurring." Requiring citizens to present identity cards to vote would have no effect on voting in multiple states.

NC Republicans ask voters: 'Who's your Daddy?'

Last fall, voters across North Carolina made their choices at the ballot box. In the next general election we will see whether they still like those they chose.

I recently read a post from state Sen. Thom Goolsby, R-New Hanover. He explains why he and Sen. Buck Newton, R-Wilson, introduced a bill taking away our choice to vote a straight ticket. Republicans like more choice in theory. Because freedom. But they insist on taking away this choice. Plus a few others.

More on the Voter Integrity Project

I urge everyone to email Jay Delancy at the North Carolina Voter Integrity Project. Ask him to check to make sure you are alive. He and his beneficiaries are creating thousands of manhours of work for election boards across the state, the least we can do is fill up his inbox.

“Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina”: GOP vigilantes undermine voter rights

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For quite some time, AlterNet’s Steven Rosenfeld has been investigating voter-fraud allegations and presumptive actions (mostly and ironically by the GOP) to make U.S. elections honest. Such allegations and actions are what the so-called “Voter Integrity Project of North Carolina” claims to be about. This blog exposes the granddaddy of organizations like the VIPNC.

Fraud? You Damn Betcha!

The zombies are back. It seems like only yesterday (okay, it was January) they were walking the sand hills of South Carolina.

The Nation reports from Michigan:

“Some 1,500 people voted under dead people’s and prisoners’ names from 2008-11, according to Michigan’s auditor general. Many might be clerical errors, but this illustrates the need to ensure accurate voter rolls.”

Michigan Secretary of State Ruth Johnson wrote this in a July 2 Times-Herald column, and she lied.

Brentin Mock continues:

DNC creates Protecting and challenges stricter voter ID bills

A new website,, makes the case that actual instances of voter fraud are rare, despite Republicans’ success in passing stricter laws to combat fraud in dozens of states. Democrats accuse the GOP of trying to stifle minority votes as a way to win elections.
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Stories appearing in various media in NC already, possibly as result of the DNC's effort. This may be on the agenda at the Progressive Democrats of NC's Annual Meeting tomorrow in Orange County.

For information on the issue, contact Democracy NC in Durham, NC. While Some of us thought the NCGA leaders might try to bring their bill up again in the quickie session this week, nothing came of it this time.

Free Photo ID Card: $28. Another Suppressed Vote? Priceless.

As states implement their new voter photo ID rules, a few minor hitches have begun to appear. In South Carolina, right next door:

We have 178,000 registered voters without current state-issued picture identification cards. We have ample record of persons who are unable to get certified copies of their birth certificates (a requirement to get those new IDs), and due to various reasons the state Republicans never bothered to consider, apparently. For example, you need a birth certificate to get a South Carolina ID card; yet, you need a valid ID card to get a copy of your South Carolina birth certificate. How's that for a Catch 22?

Prove it's not

In the last decade, I've become more than accustomed to being lied to. What's more entertaining is watching the GOP lie to itself about its voting proposals. Vote suppression? No! Never! We're, uh ... we're protecting the integrity of the vote. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Kevin Drum and E.J. Dionne weighed in last week on the GOP's efforts to suppress the vote. Drum first:

Well, look: we'll probably never find smoking gun proof that voter fraud laws are aimed at suppressing the black and youth votes. After all, you'd have to be a monumental moron to actually admit this in any kind of written or otherwise permanent form.

Obama Incites Republicans With New North Carolina Black Voters

Obama Incites Republicans With New North Carolina Black Voters

By Heidi Przybyla

Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) -- The North Carolina waterfront community of Elizabeth City witnessed an early skirmish in a high-stakes political battle over registering new black voters, which may help decide the outcome of the presidential election.

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