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Washington Post finds voter fraud!

You might recall that one of the items in the budget from the NC legislature put aside $200,000 for investigation of voter fraud. The measure was prompted by the work of the Voter Integrity Project, an outfit that was pushing the idea of widespread fraud to push for voter id and other voter intimidation.

A columnist with the Washington Post did a detailed study and, yes, found voter fraud.

To be specific - 31 cases of voter fraud. Nationwide. Since 2000. Out of one billion votes cast.

Note: these allegations do not include other forms of fraud not prevented by a requirement to show ID at the polls, including absentee ballot fraud, vote buying, vote coercion, fraud in the tallying process, voter registration fraud, double voting, voting by nonresidents, voting by noncitizens, voting by persons disenfranchised by conviction, or fraud in the petitioning process.)

GOP voter fraud hunt is really a lack of electoral confidence

Renewed attacks on voting rights in North Carolina, Pennsylvania and other states are as much about power as about policy and race. The hand wringing over elusive "fraud" is because America's majority ethnic group sees its traditional grip on power eroding with shifting demographics.

In North Carolina last week, Republican lawmakers again raised the alarm over the possibility that hundreds -- maybe thousands -- had criminally cast ballots in two states in the 2012 election. GOP leaders were quick to insist that the numbers justified the draconian voting law they passed in the last legislative session. The U.S. Department of Justice has challenged the law in court.

Chris Kromm of the Institute for Southern Studies just as quickly debunked the study by Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach whose office, after checking 5 million voter records in 2013, "couldn't provide any evidence of a single instance in which the Interstate Crosscheck's data had led to an actual legal charge of voter fraud." Because the data, Kromm writes, "offers no proof such fraud is occurring." Requiring citizens to present identity cards to vote would have no effect on voting in multiple states.

Tillis, Interstate Crosscheck, Big Data, and you

You've no doubt heard and read about the heart palpitations among our Republican state leaders today when Thom Tillis announced evidence massive voter fraud, which seems to have turned out to be about 700 people *alleged to be* voting here in NC and another state in the last election, about .00075% of the total voter turnout in the state 101 million voter records that were claimed to be checked by Interstate Crosscheck, the service being used by the state.

Of course, it was an opportunity for Tillis and Company to defend and promote NC's voter restriction laws, called the "worst" in the nation and being challenged in court by the NAACP and the ACLU. Tillis and McCrory didn't use it as an opportunity to announce any investigations or sharing of what was found with the FBI since what might be going on here besides felony voter fraud is identity theft or other activity.

Who cares about investigating possible felonies when there's a press release to push out, really?

What's more disturbing to me is how this suspected voter fraud was found.

At the heart of Tillis's evidence are some disturbing questions about data the state of North Carolina has about you, how secure that data is, and what might be happening or could happen with it.

The Voter Integrity Project is at it again

Challenging voters in Buncombe County:

Tea party volunteers in Buncombe County went door-to-door to find out whether inactive voters lived at the addresses they have filed with the elections office. Volunteers also mailed a letter to each of the voters, which was returned undeliverable. The letters became the evidence in the challenge.

Election officials must wait two presidential election cycles, or eight years, before removing an inactive voter from the roll under federal law, Parker said. DeLancy said his group disagrees with this characterization of the rules. He said the group believes the two election cycles include midterms, which would shorten the time frame to four years.

Proving once again the Tea Party is a bunch of hypocrites. Harping about defending freedoms from an overzealous government and waving the US Constitution around, but they're more than happy to take away your right to vote if given half a chance. Mind-numbing contradiction.

Voter intimidation vigilantes to attend "boot camp" Sep 14

And they'll be returning home to your county afterward:

Learn the research and advocacy skills needed to FIND - REPORT - PREVENT VOTER FRAUD! Attend our state-wide training, our first ever - VOTER INTEGRITY BOOTCAMP! Sept 14, 2013, Morrisville, NC.

Join like-minded patriots in a roll-up-your-sleeves workshop, learn how to access, compare, analyze county data and voter rolls - to find, report, and prevent voter fraud! We need to empower you, at the county level, to be sure that we protect the integrity of future elections in NC! We cannot do it without you!

What you won't see in this article (or at VIP's site) is that part of the entry fee covers a county-specific data disc that will be given to each vigilante to carry home with them. Since part of this "boot camp" is to train people to challenge specific voters in their home county, the mystery disc will probably already have names and other personal information to help target the right (left) persons.

Voter suppression group admits it lied to lawmakers

And by disseminating disinformation, it made liars out of a bunch of misguided volunteers, as well:

RALEIGH, NC–4:55 PM, Friday, April 12, 2013. Late this afternoon, we learned that some of our findings, revealed at the April 10 public Legislative hearing, may be inaccurate; so we plan to issue a full report after completing an audit. While we regret this human error and apologize for any embarrassment it may have caused to the presenters and to election officials, we caution the public against losing sight of the undeniable fact that North Carolina’s voter rolls are so corrupted that, without an effective voter ID law, it will be impossible to know who is really voting.

That's what's known as a logical leap: to admit your information is corrupted by inaccuracy, and then immediately follow that admission with a statement of "undeniable fact". This is not the first time DeLancey has been confounded by the truth:

VIP-NC finds WMDs, uh... double voting, maybe

VIP-NC Finds Dual Voters in FL & NC, according to the North Carolina chapter of the Voter Integrity Project.

(Raleigh, NC)—MAR 20, 2013—The NC State Board of Elections has confirmed their intent to prosecute five people on suspicion that they voted in both Florida and NC during the November 2012 election, according to email records provided by the Voter Integrity Project of NC, the group that investigated and identified the voters to both states’ election offices earlier last month.

The group initially identified what it thought were 33 potential instances of double voting. Of these, they classified "19 as 'highly likely,' six as 'probable' and eight as 'possible' vote fraud candidates." The NC Board of Elections, however, determined that several apparent instances of double voting were clerical errors. After a VIP-NC search consuming who knows how many man-hours, the NCBOE confirmed 5 for possible prosecution by matching signatures on voter rolls in NC and FL.

At it again, the Voter Integrity Project.

The so-called Voter Integrity Project is at it again, this time objecting to the vote of college students that appears to affect the election of Democrats at the local level. They seem to believe that if you don't own property locally you should not vote in local elections. They have an op-ed piece in the Durham Herald Sun. I posted some comments in their on-line version of this piece, opposing the article. Many BlueNC readers have taken note of the so-called work done by this group. They must be called out, often and loudly.

I encourage you to call them on their so-called desire to promote free and fair elections.

Voter Integrity Project strikes out, again

Fishing expedition comes back empty-handed:

Perry, who has been registered to vote in North Carolina since at least 1975, according to election records, was dismayed to receive a letter this month from the Wake County Board of Elections suggesting she may no longer be qualified to vote because she might be dead. "My initial reaction? I was mad as hell," Perry said Monday morning.

I would be mad as hell, too. What if she had been on vacation, or the letter got mixed up with some junk mail and accidentally tossed in file 13? Would her failure to respond have caused her name to be purged? And as far as this is concerned:

Voter Integrity Project uses invalid form of address

If the Voter Integrity Project were a registered voter its vote could be successfully challenged on the basis that it uses forms of address not recognized as valid by the US Postal Service, which can cause mail to be returned to senders as “Undeliverable”. This anomaly serves to highlight the dangers to voter access posed by various gratuitously strict matching requirements that have been proposed for forms of identity verification for in-person voting.

The right wing Voter Integrity Project, which has been challenging voter registrations in NC, uses an address form that gives the illusion of a physical address but which is actually a Private Mail Box (PMB) at a Raleigh UPS Store.

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