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NC-GoVote's Reg Watch service: grassroots voter protection

While federal and state authorities continue to dither over whether (much less how) to protect U.S. elections infrastructure from state-sponsored election hackers, North Carolina activists have taken it upon ourselves to do it for them.

NC-GoVote's new Reg Watch service takes one minute to sign up for...and it's free, non-profit, non-commercial, and respects your privacy.

300,000 extra hours. Could the end of Straight-Ticket voting be the Election Day problem no one sees coming?

The end of straight-ticket voting in North Carolina is ANOTHER COMPELLING REASON TO VOTE EARLY. Could the end of the custom of straight-ticket/straight-party voting be the Election Day problem that no one sees coming? In all the news about voter suppression laws, this change has not received a lot of coverage, possibly because it does not sound as nefarious and discriminatory the attempted new Voter ID laws and fewer Early Voting sites.

Five things everyone should understand about North Carolina's Monster Voting Law trial

by Kelly Fetty

Last month the legislation pundits and press have called North Carolina's "monster" voting law spawned a monster trial in the Middle District of North Carolina. For three weeks, national and international media watched as 47 witnesses testified either live or on video, and more than a dozen experts presented thousands of pages of evidence before Judge Thomas D. Schroeder in courtroom #2 of the Hiram H. Ward Federal building in downtown Winston-Salem.

It would be impossible to summarize a month-long trial in a single post. Instead, I've settled on five core concepts that are central to the case. Understanding these concepts will help BlueNC readers navigate the legal logic of the trial — and, eventually, Judge Schroeder's written decision.

Before I go on, a caveat: I'm not a lawyer or a law student. I'm a person who writes and who attended every day of the trial. My understanding of these concepts comes from my own background research before attending the trial and from the day-in, day-out observation of the lawyers arguing the case.

Chalk another one up for We the People

Hi, James.

Thanks for your reporting on voter suppression efforts all across the state and for your help here on our battles in Watauga!


‘Twas the night before local elections board appointments all over the state, and the State Board of Elections had no intention whatsoever of appointing Voting Rights Advocate Stella Anderson to the Watauga County Board of Elections.

Update of AFP Investigation from NCSBE

official complaint from NCDP

Today I was able to speak with the North Carolina State Board of Elections' official public information officer - Joshua Lawson. Although it took some effort to get in touch with him, Mr. Lawson was extremely mannerly, and helpful in answering my questions about the recent allegations of Americans for Prosperity committing voter fraud. I was quickly provided with all the public documentation on record about the case including the official notice of complaint addressed to Americans for Prosperity from the NCSBE, the official complaint letter from the NCDP, as well as a copy of the mailer that is in question.

High Point University College Republican Chairwoman refuses to allow voter registration on campus

High school and college campuses are some of the best places to register new voters and you would think members of campus political groups would promote voter registration among students. Amazingly, that's not the case with the chairwoman of High Point University's College Republicans as seen in the following video.


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