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Posted by WataugaWatch on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Republican corruption scandal in Watauga County

NC State Board of Elections Member Paul Foley has been exposed for double-dealing

This Republican member of the NC State Board of Elections, Paul Foley, is being outed in an Associated Press investigative piece for a massive conflict of interest.

Backlash against Foxx's Immigration Onslaught

J.W. Williamson at Watauga Watch has an interesting catch on businesses that want the illegal immigrants here to work:

The Christmas tree industry has let out its first peep against Madame Virginia Foxx's efforts to decimate its workforce with her war on Latino immigration. A letter to the editor (scroll down) published in Friday's paper from Patricia Gaskin, legislative chairwoman of the National Christmas Tree Asssociation, is only the opening salvo in what could become a most interesting exchange of views: "...the Enforcement bill that Rep. Foxx so proudly sponsors will leave agriculture and small businesses with nothing."

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