Western North Carolina Real Estate

Funding Cut for Western North Carolina Landslide Hazard Mapping Program

Jackson and Henderson County Landslides: Expected Events

Jackson County, NC  Landslide Photo
SouthWings Flyover 2010

Hazard Map Reveals Haywood County Real Estate Landslide Risks

Western North Carolina Landslide Hazard Maps

February 2005 marks the month and year that the state acknowledged the fact that Western North Carolina landslide hazard maps were pre-development necessities for 19 high-risk counties. Hazardous-land identification became a concern after the September 2004 Western North Carolina landslide disasters.

With the passage of the Hurricane Recovery Act, legislators found:

Further...people could not know the landslide risks associated with their housing location because such maps are not readily available. The state needs to...prepare landslide mapping for the region so that homes may be built in safe areas.

History of Western North Carolina Landslide Mapping Program

Western North Carolina Real Estate Landslide Advisory: “You’re not thinking a mountain is going to fall on your house.”

Asheville Citizen-Times photos of recent Maggie Valley landslides. The Moody home and what used to be the Donin home.

On March 1, 2009 Western North Carolina mountain property owners were surprised to learn that their homes, and possibly their lives are threatened by landslides.

Why didn't they know? Because North Carolina does not require hazardous land disclosure.

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