Winston-Salem Journal

The Winston-Salem Journal embarrasses itself

Endorsing Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson for President:

For months, we here at the Journal editorial board wrestled with this endorsement. For most of that time, we looked at Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump. But as the weekly revelations ripped away any hopes we held for finding the “better angels of their nature,” confirming our belief that neither is fit to be president of our still-great land of Lincoln, we began to look harder at Johnson. We refused to let the powerful party behind either Clinton or Trump push us into a bad choice simply because the parties could do no better.

Not to demean the character of Abraham Lincoln, but if you had published that quote in 1865, the newspaper would have been burned down before the next sunrise. For all the editorial board's blathering about Johnson's virtues, this decision had already been made for them by their big brother up in Richmond:

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