Two questions regarding Kay Hagan

Fast forward to the Democratic primary in 2014, where Kay Hagan, the US Senate incumbent is a running as a Blue Dog corporate Democrat with a record of advocacy against the rights of gay citizens.

Would you like to see Hagan challenged in that primary? If so, who should run against her?


Yes, Senator Hagan has always

Yes, Senator Hagan has always been a moderate, but the last bit doesn't fairly characterize her record in light of her opposition to Amendment One:

I firmly believe that progressives should continue to put pressure on Senator Hagan to support our issues, but we should be as fair as possible when we do so.

And I'd be fine with a primary challenge to Senator Hagan, but in all likelihood I'll be supporting her re-election.

Not that it matters, but Hagan's service to constituents

in terms of answering letters is abyssmal. Never any substance. Always "thank you for your letter...I'll keep it in mind." Burr does a much better job..even if I don't like him.

Stan Bozarth

I don't even get thank you's

I made a five-figure contribution to Hagan in the last cycle. So for anyone who believes that contributions buy influence, let me tell ya. No so, not in the slightest. I've never received anything from Hagan except for a generic fundraising appeal.

Note to Hagan campaign: Stop wasting your postage on me.

I know the feeling

I donated the "max" to two candidates locally in my county and even though I got acknowledged at the county convention by them personally (not by the podium), I was taken aback by having a person that was considering running for a commissioner's slot in 2014 coming up to me and saying that since I "sponsored" two other local candidates, "would you consider helping me with my campaign financially?".

Wouldn't it be nice to get an up front and personal thank you and acknowledgement from those you choose to spend your money on in political campaigns? And, wouldn't it be nice if you're not seen as some kind of "cash cow"?

Hagan deserves a primary

Hagan deserves a primary challenge. Throughout her term, she hasn't even used the meager influence she has as a junior member to accomplish anything for North Carolina. The only bills she has worked on independently have involved blatant giveaways to corporations--granting big pharma longer periods of monopoly pricing and allowing IT corporations to deny overtime pay to their workers. Combined with her vote against the DREAM act, these actions mock her claim to represent the party of the people. Brad Miller and Ken Lewis are promising options for an insurgent campaign. Deborah Ross would be a strong, woman candidate, but she probably wouldn't run.

The real, uncomfortable question is whether it is prudent for Democrats to unseat a well-funded incumbent. Like it or not, money matters in politics; and as bad as Hagan has been, Thom Tillis or George Holding would be far worse. Thus, if we want to foster an alternative candidate, we should start as soon as possible.

And that is why Hagan doesn't act the way you want her to

and as bad as Hagan has been, Thom Tillis or George Holding would be far worse

Hagan doesn't think you'll dump her, so keeps doing everything you say you hate.

Prove her wrong.

Vote her out.

That is how you make change.