Koch Industries, Keystone XL and Killer Kleptocracy

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Koch (pronounced like "Coke") Industries is a private corporate conglomerate controlled by two brothers - Charles G. and David H. Koch - each of whom own 42% of the company. Diversified in chemicals and refining along with consumer products and commodity trading, the company's subsidiaries and brands include many household names such as Georgia-Pacific (Dixie Cups and Tableware) and Invista (Stainmaster Carpets). With over 70,000 employees and over $100 billion in annual revenues, Forbes ranks Koch Industries as the second largest privately-held company in America:


Virginia Foxx tries stand-up comedy

And has 'em rolling in the aisles:

Rep. Foxx rose to defend the bill against charges that it was misogynist. The bill, said Foxx, “takes away no protections from women in this country. It is not extreme.” She followed with a statement that was fearsome in its effect on bullshit detectors nationwide. “Nobody has ever fought more for the rights of women than I have,” declared Foxx

Yeah, right. Not only are you a bane on women in the U.S., you've tried to inflict your warped ideology on women across the globe:

Is Rep. David Price a progressive?

David Price seems like a corporate & conservative Democrat to me. Is that accurate? He's not a member of the Progressive House caucus but I'm not very familiar with his philosophies and voting records on progressive issues. Anyone have any resources or opinions on that they can share?

If you would prefer to message me instead of posting, that's fine. If you can't message me through this site, let me know and I'll give you an email address.


From Senator Kinnaird

Dear Friends,

The last few sessions the legislature has addressed the problem of money and influence in the system. Strong ethics rules have been put in place for legislators regulating donations from lobbyists and limiting gifts from anyone doing business with the state. The ethics laws even extend to citizens who serve on state boards where conflicts of interest might influence their decisions. We used to get piles of gifts, mostly minor, that I gave to the Thrift Shop and even a whole ham that I gave to our Interfaith Council kitchen for the homeless. Last session, ethics rules were extended to local elected officials. The School of Government will provide training and, of course, the media always watches closely for those straying from the straight and narrow. I voted for these measures because I feel that democracy works best when there are strict guidelines and rules to minimize influence and complete transparency.

Morning fix

ASSOCIATED PRESS: Obama basks in Southern hospitality on bus tour -- For President Barack Obama, the bus is back. That's the sleek, million-dollar, Secret Service-approved bus that's been carrying Obama along North Carolina's winding mountain roads, giving the president a chance to take in the fall foliage and bask in some small-town Southern hospitality. "Saw the mountains, saw some lakes, saw all the wonderful people in this part of the country," Obama said Monday during a speech in rural Millers Creek. "Even the folks who don't vote for me are nice," he added. At the heart of Obama's three-day bus trip through North Carolina and Virginia is a sales pitch for elements in the jobs bill he wants Congress to pass. But the president is also selling himself, an incumbent candidate running for re-election, trying to re-energize voters whose enthusiasm may have waned. That's particularly important in North Carolina, a state Obama wrested from Republicans in 2008, but which could slip out of his grasp next November.

Detective Gary McFadden ... He has my Vote!!

Detective Gary McFadden is a living legend .

There are not many men like him. McFadden spent two decades as a homicide investigator with the Charlotte, North Carolina Police Department. His job was never 9 to 5 with assigned breaks. He witnessed the end results of some of the most brutal killings in the metro area. More importantly, he witnessed the hurt it brought to family members and friends. He spent his time off either bonding with his wife and children, tending to his two favorite hobbies - grilling out or fly fishing, or speaking out against crime. Detective McFadden continues to speak at local churches, schools, street corners, community gatherings, homeless shelters, prisons, and on the streets of low income housing. He makes a difference in lives of the people he meets and talks with.

Coop stands with foreclosure victims

And they need that support, badly:

The protestors planned to deliver petitions for stronger legal oversight of the mortgage industry to Attorney General Roy Cooper. Instead, Cooper came to the rally to pick them up. "Your voices are being heard," Cooper told the three dozen or so people in the audience. "Financial fraud has been committed on our legal system, and it needs to be made right."

Yeah, it does. And the ones who are holding these families' futures in their hands don't appear to be concerned about doing the right thing. Or the smart thing. Or the expedient thing. As a matter of fact, I don't think they know what they're doing.


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