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Closing Argument: The Choice for Veterans and Military Families

BlueNC Friends,

After dozens of events across North Carolina since the DNC, our Veterans for Obama group has written a concluding piece about why we think the choice on election day is clear: President Obama has been a strong Commander-in-Chief, who believes that responsibly ending war means honoring those who have been called upon to serve in it.

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Thank You

Dear Friends,

After giving a serious and thorough look at a race for the U.S. Senate, I have decided not to seek office at this time. This has been a very difficult decision, but I’m sure there will be another day and there are many other ways to serve.

I am deeply committed to public service and have a passion for working on the serious issues facing our State and country. A campaign for the Senate is about winning and working to be a part of the answer. As a candidate, I have to look supporters in the eye and show them how we win – and what we do when we get there. After a very careful look, I’ve concluded that this is the wrong race at the wrong time for me and my family.

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