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Van Braxton, NC House 10th District: Meet the Candidate

Van Braxton probably isn’t a candidate you’ve heard much about, but he’s one of our strongest State House pick-up opportunities. This seat was targeted in 2004, with incumbent Stephen Laroque (R) beating a Democratic political newcomer. This year, the Democrats have nominated Braxton, a 3 term Kinston City Councilman with deep family and business ties throughout the district. With a strong candidate like Braxton (Kinston is by far largest city in the district), the race was competitive from the beginning. But get this – Laroque, the incumbent Republican, was moderate enough to have a primary challenger funded by our good friend Art Pope. And Laroque lost. By 9 votes.

Court challenges have of course been filed, and the case won’t be decided for a few more weeks, but this is an incredible opportunity. The likely Republican nominee, Willie Ray Starling, has never held political office and ran a classic “also ran” throw away campaign in 2004 from the back of his car. On his website ( he quotes Jerry Falwell and says he wants to be the Jesse Helms of the State Legislature.

NCDP State Convention, June 23-25 in High Point

The NCDP State Convention is Saturday, June 24 in High Point at the High Point Theatre and Exhibition Centre. The state party's put together a number of related programs surrounding the convention itself, including activist training, a polling presentation by the DNC, and the first annual Sanford-Hunt dinner.

Unlike the Republican's convention, ours is open to all Democrats, though non-delegates won't have a vote. The whole weekend ought to be a good time -- we've come a long way and involved a lot of new people in the last year and a half.

There's more information below and at

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