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Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


SOME ADULT BEHAVIOR AT BOARD OF ED MEETINGS WOULDN'T BE TOLERATED IN SCHOOLS: Berating, belittling, cursing and threatening. Seeing and hearing it from audiences has become all-too-common at local government meetings – particularly at local school boards. It is the kind of behavior we’re sure -- if any of those speakers saw it on a visit to a public school among students or teachers – would ignite justifiable shock and concern for decorum and safety. At a recent Wake County Board of Education meeting a woman crossed a security barrier to “serve” legal papers on the board members threatening court action unless they reversed school staff and student protective health mask mandates and stopped testing for COVID-19 infections. “Don’t make me come back here,” she threatened. A short while later, another speaker addressed the board’s attorney as “homeboy.” Wake School Board member Jim Martin termed the speaker’s reference as “hate speech.” There’s certainly no abridgement of free speech on display. Does this behavior get anyone to listen? It's no coincidence that threats and intimidation at local government meetings increased in the year following Trump's attempted coup. It's taken way too long for the wheels of justice to punish those traitors, and we're seeing the effects of that delay on Main Street USA.

Saturday News: Come what May


GOVERNOR COOPER VETOES PRIMARY ELECTION DELAY BILL: North Carolina’s primary elections for 2022 will likely remain scheduled for May 17, as Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a bill Friday that would have moved them to June. The reason the date is in question at all is an ongoing court case over the political district maps that Republican lawmakers recently drew, and which Democrats have called unconstitutional gerrymanders. The court already pushed the primary back once, from its usual March date. Cooper said the decision should remain up to the court, not the legislature. “The constitutionality of congressional and legislative districts is now in the hands of the North Carolina Supreme Court and the court should have the opportunity to decide how much time is needed to ensure that our elections are constitutional,” Cooper, a Democrat, said in a press release announcing his veto. The candidate filing schedule has yet to be modified; we will keep you posted.

Friday News: Three's a crowd


WALKER ON THE VERGE OF DROPPING OUT OF GOP SENATE PRIMARY: A candidate seeking North Carolina's Republican U.S. Senate nomination for over a year says he'll now reveal whether he'll stay in the race. Former U.S. Rep. Mark Walker scheduled a Thursday evening announcement in Greensboro, much of which he represented in Congress for six years through 2020. Walker fell behind nomination rivals Ted Budd and former Gov. Pat McCrory in campaign fundraising in 2021. Budd — a current congressman — received President Donald Trump's endorsement in June. That's made it harder for Walker to win over Trump loyalists, especially among conservative Christians. Walker's campaign says he was offered the ex-president’s endorsement if he ran instead for a House seat in central North Carolina. The Trump effect: when a gun dealer steals the Christian vote from a Baptist Minister.

Thursday News: It is time


BREYER TO RETIRE, BIDEN WILL CHOOSE BLACK WOMAN TO TAKE HIS PLACE: In what will be one of the most monumental endeavors of Joe Biden's presidency, the retirement of Stephen Breyer sets the stage for an immensely important decision by the President. Breyer's seat may be the only one that Biden fills on the Supreme Court, and it may not be one he fills at all -- if Republicans retake the Senate before the President's choice for a replacement is confirmed. On the campaign trail, Biden vowed to put a Black woman on the high court, which would be an historic first. A short list of potential nominees had been circulating Washington well before Breyer's retirement plans became public, and officials in the White House Counsel's office built files on various candidates in anticipation of a potential vacancy. Now, those efforts will ramp up significantly and the President will likely hold one on one meetings before announcing his pick. If Breyer's retirement stays on schedule, that will give six months for the current Senate to take care of this properly.

Wednesday News: Why we need CRT


SCOTUS SHARPENS ITS KNIVES FOR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION: The U.S. Supreme Court will weigh in on whether colleges and universities can consider race in admissions as it agreed to hear a case brought by an anti-affirmative action group against UNC-Chapel Hill. The group, Students for Fair Admissions, alleges UNC-CH discriminated against white and Asian American applicants by using race as a factor in its undergraduate admissions process. The justices will also hear a similar case against Harvard University brought by the same group. The court consolidated the two cases Monday, allotting a total of one hour for oral arguments. The outcome of these cases could have sweeping implications for affirmative action in higher education and diversity of student bodies on campus. And with the court becoming more conservative in recent years, the fate of race-conscious admissions is in doubt. UNC-CH has defended its admissions process in this legal battle for several years. Funded by right-wing dark money, of course. Seven Degrees of Sarah Scaife. I need to take another shower.

Sunday News: From the Editorial pages


BIDEN'S COMPASSION AND CONCERN REPLACED SELFISHNESS AND CYNICISM: It is a tough job, being president amid an unprecedented pandemic and working to restore decorum and trust in a degraded institution. The presidency had come more to resemble the dishonesty of trashy reality television than the world’s most powerful voice for democracy. For the last year Biden’s been devoted to doing the job of president -- not shirking obligations or shifting responsibility. In the first year, Biden’s accomplishments have set the nation on a positive path as well as established a strong trajectory for unmet priorities and new initiatives for the coming three years. Biden has demonstrated genuine empathy to the challenges Americans face and works to uplift them as they struggle to cope. It’s not been an easy task to right the meandering and misguided course of Donald Trump’s presidency. And it's the main reason why right-wingers hate him so much; the contrast highlights just how bad a President Trump was.

Saturday News: Slip-sliding away

DELTA FLIGHT SLIDES OFF RDU RUNWAY DUE TO SNOW: The airfield at Raleigh-Durham International Airport reopened after being closed for a little more than an hour Friday night when a plane landed safely but rolled into mud while taxiing, the airport announced on Twitter. Delta Flight 5501 from Washington, D.C., landed safely and rolled off runway 5L/23R, an RDU spokesperson told The News & Observer. A total of 19 passengers were onboard, the spokesperson said, and no injuries were reported. All passengers were safely transported to Terminal 2, the spokesperson added. Airport crews removed snow from alternate runway 5R/23L, the spokesperson said. Runway 5L/23R remains closed while the aircraft is safely towed off the tarmac, the airport said. A total of 10 incoming flights had been diverted to other airports, and four were delayed, according to the airport’s website. I hate when that happens...

Friday News: Domestic Terrorist

CARY INSURRECTIONIST BACK WHERE HE BELONGS, IN FEDERAL CUSTODY: On Jan. 6, 2021, when prosecutors say James Grant led the first assault on the U.S. Capitol, the North Carolina man wore a baseball cap with an insignia that bore a map of his home state, along with these words: “Drink Local.” Last month, Grant did just that. Now he’s going back to jail. On Dec. 7, after a bizarre interaction with Garner police in a restaurant parking lot, the 29-year-old Cary man was charged with driving under the influence. Police say they found an AR-15 rifle and 60 rounds of .233-caliber ammunition in Grant’s car. When police tried to arrest him, according to court records, Grant tried to flee. On Jan 6 2021, Grant fought with officers — injuring two — and was later seen inside at least two private Senate offices, documents show. In many ways this guy is even worse than the California dude who joined the Taliban in Afghanistan pre-9/11, and he deserves just as lengthy a jail term.

Thursday News: Seems about white...


RESIDENCY CHALLENGED FOR AFRICAN-AMERICAN WAKE SCHOOL BOARD APPOINTEE: Artis, an educator and former teacher, won over most of the board members last week with a promise to make equity issues a focus if he was appointed. But Artis’ educational views and whether he can legally serve in District 4 was questioned Tuesday on social media and at the school board meeting. People pointed out that Artis’ education consulting business still lists his District 1 address on his state business records and that his wife is still registered to vote at the prior address. Artis said Wednesday that he no longer lives with his wife. “Provide proof of Mr. Artis’ residency immediately if you plan to proceed to appoint him to District 4 — and residency as in now, not that he plans to move there some time soon,” Becky Lew-Hobbs said during public comments at Tuesday’s board meeting. Apparently she's miffed because Wake Schools no longer wants her volunteering. And I can see why...

Wednesday News: It's complicated...


CAWTHORN CHALLENGE POSTPONED, BUT NOT FOR LONG: North Carolina law says that in election challenges it’s the accused who has to prove he or she did nothing wrong. So for Cawthorn to be allowed on the ballot, he can’t just sit back and let things play out — he will have to argue why he shouldn’t be banned from running again. That might include letting his accusers, whose attorneys include two former N.C. Supreme Court justices, question him under oath and force him to provide emails, text messages or other documents. “Challengers intend to depose Representative Cawthorn before the hearing, and request subpoenas for witnesses and documents, including documents that Representative Cawthorn or his staff may possess involving the planning of the January 6 events that could shed light on his qualification for office under Section Three,” their legal challenge states. I left out the postponement thing so I could quote those juicy details, but there's just too many moving parts to do it right now.


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