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Comparing their situation to that of come-from-behind racehorse, Seabiscuit, Elizabeth Edwards introduced her husband to an enthusiastic mob of supporters at an historic mill in Manchester, NH early this morning, just hours after the Senator's second-place finish in Iowa.

Canvassing in the Snow

We're on our second snow "event" since I arrived but don't worry. It's barely over freezing so we're having all the fun and none of the discomfort. Tomorrow's snowball fight might change that.

We're having the time of our lives up here, y'all. There's still time to come up and join us, you know. The campaign is providing housing and I've never met a more amazing group of volunteers.

Going to Iowa or coming to New Hampshire (or phonebanking) is the only way for you to influence the presidential race. Even if your vote doesn't count in your home state, you can easily persuade 10 or even 20 people a day by your very presence at their door or on their phone. Every contacted voter learns what you believe without your even saying a word, by the very contribution of your vacation time and travel dollar.

Email me through the website if you'd like to come up here and talk to the people of New Hampshire face to face. You won't regret it.

Promoted for the pictures alone...the wonderful narrative is simply a bonus. B

First Day in New Hampshire

First day in New Hampshire doin' a little direct voter contact for our native son and look who shows up to sit down at the phones.

We entered the state on Rt 202 at Rindge and came up through the countryside. If yard signs told the story, Hillary and Ron Paul have this thing wrapped up, with Gravel close behind.

If our two or so hours of phone banking are any indication, almost no one has made up their minds. John Edwards is the top two of most people, at least the ones who would speak to me. Perhaps they're being nice to the Edwards supporter on the telephone, but I don't think Hillary and Obama have the support that pollsters attribute to them. Many people want to vote for someone "who has a chance." They're waiting for the Iowa results.

This is going to be some ride!

McHorny's $3.25 mil belies so-called anti-earmark "crusade"

Two earmarks for $3.25 million.

That's what Pat McHorny wrote letters asking for this year while promoting himself as an anti-earmark crusader on the House floor:

"We need to lay clear these earmarks . . . so the American people can judge the worthiness of the programs and the money allocated to them."

And now he's saying he won't ever ask for any earmarks, starting next year.

McHorny PR piece backfires

Every time Pat has some bad press, say that his popularity is plummeting, our Pat McHorny has a great record of getting some major publications to print cutesy puff pieces about how he really isn't a nasty hypocrite (say, over earmarks) or really isn't all that connected to his staffer's voter fraud or that didn't have anything to do with the half dozen irregularities in his financial disclosures.

Insiders say his recent popularity plummet coincides with the publication of information to back the previous rumors that Pat is not, shall we say, living his life with the family values of his campaign rhetoric. So, we shouldn't be all that surprised that The Hill stepped up to the media-whore-for-Republicans plate by printing this nauseating crap about House Cloak Room rumors of a girlfriend.

But really, folks, they must be getting pretty damn desperate. His supposed love interest (Congresswoman Mary Fallin) is definitely not interested.

Dear NC Christian Coalition Chair: what are you and Pat hiding?

Hi, Jeff Lominac, Mr. NC Christian Coalition Chair. Thanks for writing me.

My name is Leslie. Leslie Bland. I put it in the first post on my blog but people like you kept calling me and sending me frightening emails so I removed it.

from jeff lominac
10:51 am (2½ hours ago)
to admin@patgobyebye.com
date Oct 31, 2007 10:51 AM

Why do you not say who you are and show your face ? It is like you are hiding behind this drama queen name and do not want anyone to know who you are . Are you ashamed to show your face and let people know who you are ? What are you hiding ? The Drama King

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