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McHenry's conservative roots exposed

Ever wonder where all these repressed Republican sex offenders learn how to be so repressed and offensive? Well, I'm starting to get the impression that their training comes from the finest conservative institutions of higher learning.

While Congressman Pat McHenry was a student there in the late 1990s, Belmont Abbey College officials knowingly hired as head of its theology department an accused sex offender who had been relieved of his Massachusetts responsibilities. When confronted by the press they lied about it.

Meet Pat's friend, Scott, who harasses women, bilks seniors

[This is the first in a series of posts about the people closest to NC Congressman Pat McHenry, (R-11). Logo by Zombie Birdhouse.]

The month before Pat McHenry and Scott G Stewart bought Capitol Hill digs together, three women filed charges of sexual harassment (and misappropriation of funds) against Scott, then-College Republican National Committee chair. But that isn't the big stuff.

As CRNC head, Stewart presided over the most despicable direct mail tactics against seniors (in their 80s and 90s) to raise money (at least $6.3 million). And the worst of it: the bulk (90 percent) of the bilked funds went to the vendor or CRNC expenses.

But don't believe me. Check out the links.

Are conservative colleges breeding predatory gays?

patdick.jpgIs the Republican Party a breeding ground for sexual deviants? I don't have the answer to these questions. Perhaps one or both institutions are just attracting men already predisposed to sex crimes.

But don't you think it's time society started having this conversation? When you look at the list of Republican-related criminal behavior compiled at Basket of Puppies, it seems cops should just start profiling any male R and save on the tedious investigation process.

Two weeks ago at Pat Go Bye Bye I posed the question "What's with Republicans and their repressed sex drives?" In response, I got the following email from a conservative independent who gave me permission to reprint it without attribution:

Major McHenry '04 funds from fraudulent donor

Delay-related funding almost $200,000, nearly 20% of McHenry's campaign total

Also, two major in-district fundraisers reportedly under investigation for Medicaid fraud [scroll to bottom for this one]

And while CharO covered the FEC lawsuit settlement by Citizen's Club for Growth, they failed to mention the nearly $200,000 of McHenry's 04 $923,795 came from the Delay-related funding.

Gay Porn Blogger Denounces McHenry Disinformation Campaign

I really thought this story couldn't get any weirder. Well, it has. Apparently, we at Pat Go Bye bye have struck a nerve. A big one. At this post and this one.

And now Pat Go Bye Bye is officially the target of a McHenry-related disinformation campaign to discredit, of all people, a gay porn blogger. Damon Kruezer.

McHenry's office confirms tie to shooter Drake

Down With Tyranny's Howie Klein reports that Pat McHenry's office confirmed North Carolina Conservative's off-the-record story that connects the Congressman to the shooter in last month's Florida murder/suicide involving three Republican dirty-tricks operatives.

But, in another bizarre twist, someone using the name of the blogger who has repeatedly reported that shooter's motivation was tied to a gay porn murder case in Pennsylvania commented on my post that he made it up "draw more viewers" to his blog.

What can I say but read on, follow the links, and decide for yourself.

Florida murder/suicide's NC ties

Robert Jason or Jason Robert Drake, former Marine or former Army Guard, is coming back to NC this weekend to be buried in Rutherford County. Police allege he shot two friends and then himself last week in Orlando, Florida.

One of the victims, Ralph Gonzalez has been associated with Republican dirty tricks for years, helping Ralph Reed defeat Georgia Senator Max Cleland, and smearing Democrat Clint Curtis to send ethically-challenged former Florida State House Speaker Tom Feeney to Congress.

And the North Carolina Conservative reports that they're both have professional ties to our own Patrick McHenry


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