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I Hate Secrets

Bumped to keep the attention on this fast-moving story and great research. Make sure to check the comments as new data is being posted frequently. Betsy

You'd have to wonder about someone who would publish this, wouldn't you?

McHenry’s answer was swift, decisive and garnered a thunderous round of applause from the audience.

I mean, change a word or two and you're right smack dab in the middle of the sex scene in a romance novel, right?

But, no, not to worry. It's not a romance novel. It's a bid'ness pardnership. The publisher of that crap is none other than a former bidness partner of the subject of that crap. Cool, huh? But don't expect either of them to tell you.

Hey, Pat, where do you live?

If Pat didn't disclose the purchase and sale of his Hickory condo because it is his personal residence, then why has he been voting in Gaston County?


There's a lot left to be desired in his financial disclosures. Since he's on the House finance committee . . . well, it doesn't look so good. I'll post a sample LTE in the first comment.

McHenry update: suspicious finances, Iraq, Gonzales, & your hometown drug store

Republicans question his recently acquired financial wealth, Democrats ask about his stance on oil drilling (it's fun for everyone), Gonzales (Bush should have dumbed him a long time ago), the lack of congressional relatives in Iraq (I hope to have children . . . one day). And pharmacists ask why he won't help save the hometown drug store and get the brush-off.


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