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Republicans cut McHenry's earmark

Who knew? Republicans can get embarrassed by their own hypocrisy. At least Arizona's Representative Flake was peeved enough Thursday to cut McHenry's Christmas Tree earmark for WNC's Mitchell county. Check this out from Crypt's blog at politico dot com:

Republican Rep. Jeff Flake of Arizona — with the help of plenty of Democrats — just screwed his GOP colleague Patrick McHenry out of earmarked money for a project in the latter's western North Carolina district.

Santa's little hypocrite

Too, too cute. After all his bitchin' and moanin' about earmarks in the last two weeks, our dear Pat got outed. He wasn't really against earmarks themselves, he says. He just wanted everyone to know what they were voting for. But if he wanted people to know what they were voting for why didn't he mention his personal earmark of $129,000 for a Christmas Tree store in Mitchell County?

Commenters from all over are having a jolly ole time with Santa's little hypocrite:

Pat McHenry's entertaining earmark hypocrisy

My rep, Pat McHenry, spent a week using procedural tactics to delay and interfere with Homeland Security appropriations, all in the name of garnering publicity for Democratic secrecy and earmarks. Now that the Democrats are releasing their lists of earmark requests, Pat's whining that to release his own list would cause "confusion" due to a “long-standing” practice among the North Carolina delegation. Too rich.

NC Water Wars: Concord plans to make money by increasing Valdese shortages

Anyone notice this piece of bidness last week?

Water park developer eyeing Fort Mill, Concord, N.C., for resort

Now we know why Concord and Kannapolis want Catawba River water . . . it's the money, stupid. Who cares about the shortages their fun-times water park could be impose on upper Catawba cities and towns. Hey, we want it, we'll take it. You don't need to wash your car.


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