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My Story (and maybe yours)

This post is somewhat graphic and may make some of our visitors feel uncomfortable. It takes an incredibly brave person to share something this personal as a means to motivate others to take action. Thanks, DQ.

My father was a child molester. I don't know what he did to random children. I don't even know the totality of what he did to me or my brothers. All I know for sure is that he liked them small.

My grandmother used to say how lucky I was. "You Daddy loves you so much. Did you know he bathed you when you were a baby?" He never "helped out" with my older brothers. Gee, I wonder why?

Print coverage of McHenry staff indictment fails to impress

I'll start with the Charlotte Observer:

In a May 19 Observer piece Marcia Young and Amy Rainey wrote:

"a grand jury indicted Lay because of questions about whether he had legal residence"

"Questions?" "Because of questions?" I think most grand juries hand down indictments "because of" evidence.

In that same article Rainey and Young wrote that McHenry

blamed the indictment on his political enemies.

And yes, that is a fair representation of our diminutive Congressman's response. However, if you're going to give space to his allegations of political attacks, I think it's only fair (not to mention a key to responsible and ethical journalism) to mention that the prosecuting district attorney Locke Bell is a Republican who donated $250.00 to McHenry's campaign.

McHenry's ex-roomie importing clones

Unless Michael Aaron Lay's reported indictment has slowed down his recruitment efforts, North Carolina is about to get invaded by conservative outsiders from UT.

Former McHenry staffer and roomie Michael Aaron Lay is advertising for interns at his alma mater's website. Just check out the language:

This is not your average internship.

From living with the candidate to underage drinking parties, to a future indictment, to single-use towels, one would have to figure Lay knows the full ramifications of the phrase "not your average . . ."

The promoted internships are for the newly announced Bill Graham gubernatorial campaign.

Pat's bad week

McHenry teen drunksWhen it rains, it pours. While I was busy chasing alligators around a swamp in South Carolina, Pat McHenry was having the worst week of his life.

First his roomie and former campaign staffer Michael Aaron Lay gets indicted for voter fraud.

Then on Monday a Republican blogspot posts a 2004 photo of McHenry with a report that he's surrounded by underage drunk Young Republicans for whom his campaign allegedly provided the beer. (The lollipop was his reward for winning a Catawba County straw poll he fixed by bussing in said YRs.)

Karl Rove is Right

WNCNN crack reporters got this exclusive footage of Karl Rove's appearance before 11th District Republicans Saturday in Henderson County. Click and listen to him explain how Republicans can take back Congress and return to the White House in 2008.

It's entirely possible for you to shape the outcome of this contest by what you do in the months between now and 2008.

Guess what, folks. He's right.

Meet Jeff Hunt: Taylor's heir-apparent

Unless Charles Taylor rises from the crypt to run again, this is the man who Heath Shuler will likely have to face November next year. District attorney for three counties, former district attorney for two more, he says "I've been on the inside group who have run most of the Republican Congressional campaigns since 1976."

WNCNN has the exclusive interview fresh from the "Karl Rove Memorial 11th District Republican Convention." You'll want to listen through to the end where he mentions the H-word and proudly compares Republicans to termites.

McHenry set to attack Iran

Insists we wait until 2008 to evaluate surge in Iraq

North Carolina's 10th District Congressman Pat McHenry told Hardball's Chris Matthews today that he supports a military strike in Iran "to eliminate their nuclear capability." Matthews confirmed with this question: "You believe the possession of a nuclear weapon is itself justification for a US air attack?" McHenry replied, "I believe so."

Open letter to Secretary Carmen Hooker Odom, cc: Gov. Easley

Dear Madam Secretary:

It's obvious you are dismantling the mental health system for the entire state of North Carolina.

You and Governor Easley have been cutting the budget for mental health services for the last five years. We already had the lowest per capita expenditures in the entire country. So, this week, when you cut the hourly reimbursements for community support services by a whopping 33 percent (effective retroactively), you knew exactly what you were doing. You were destroying the system.

I hope no babies die from mothers with untreated post partum depression. I hope no one kills a police officer or no police officer ends up being forced to kill some untreated mentally ill individual, an individual to whom you helped deny services.

I call on you to restore the fee schedule immediately and resign your position. If you have ties to a company that might take over services in North Carolina in the near future, you'd better hide them.


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