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NC-Sen: "Bank Run" Burr Still Unable to Crack Low-40's vs. Democrats

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Public Policy Polling lays it out:

Burr vs. Bob Etheridge 41-34
Burr vs. Elaine Marshall 42-31
Burr vs. Dennis Wicker 42-31
Burr vs. Cal Cunningham 42-30
Burr vs. Kevin Foy 43-29
Burr vs. Kenneth Lewis 43-27
Burr vs. Generic Democrat 45-38

NC-Sen: Bob Etheridge Reconsiders 2010 Senate Bid

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Congressman Bob Etheridge is reconsidering running for Senate in 2010 against vulnerable freshman Republican backbencher Richard "Bank Run" Burr. This could be a good omen as then-State Senator Kay Hagan first decided against a 2008 Senate bid before reconsidering and going on to defeat Republican incumbent Elizabeth Dole.

Is Richard Burr a Birther Like His Base?

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"Birther" has entered the parlance as someone who doubts or flat-out denies President Obama's natural born citizenship. It turns out that a sizable chunk of southern Republicans are birthers.

Public Policy Polling tested North Carolina voters to find out how prevalent the birther phenomenon was in the Tar Heel State. As for the results, wow:

Only 54% of North Carolina voters say with certainty that they believe Barack Obama was born in the United States, with 26% saying they think he was not, and 20% unsure. ...

"Bank Run" Burr Lies Again

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Vulnerable freshman Republican backbencher Richard "Bank Run" Burr unveiled his latest lie last week:

U.S. Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., said he would back additional funding for the [Cash for Clunkers] program as well, though he originally opposed the "Cash for Clunkers" bill. He said he would favor the additional funding as long as it doesn't increase the budget deficit.

The proposed $2 billion would come from money already appropriated in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and will not further the national deficit.

So it was reported on Wednesday of last week that Burr said he'd support Cash for Clunkers. The vote occurred Thursday evening, the very next day; and, you may be shocked to learn that Burr voted against the additional funding for Cash for Clunkers. "Bank Run" Burr lied again.

NC-Sen: "Bank Run" Burr Learned Nothing from Fiasco

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Freshman Republican backbencher Richard "Bank Run" Burr really doesn't get it. Typically a guy who receives little to no press coverage for anything, he received a mountain of terrible press coverage when it spread that he told his wife to rush the ATMs when the fiscal crisis was brewing - behavior that would have crippled the economy had too many Americans done what "Bank Run" Burr did. And what did "Bank Run" Burr learn from the experience?

Burr's comments spread across the blogosphere and were slammed as irresponsible. Some suggested he was encouraging a bank run. Now, Burr says he has no regrets and would do the same thing again.

MN-Sen: Make Norm Coleman Go Away for Just One Dollar a Day

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Even in North Carolina, I'm sure you've heard plenty about what's going on with the still-unsettled Senate race in Minnesota.

While Republican Norm Coleman prolongs his endless and pointless appeals, cementing his admission into the Sore Losers Hall of Fame, progressive organizations Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee have introduced a new effort:, "A Dollar a Day to Make Norm Go Away." Very simply put, commit to contributing just one dollar per day for every day that sore loser Norm Coleman refuses to concede.

NC-Sen: Encourage AG Roy Cooper to Run for Senate

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In a story released today by The News & Observer, North Carolina's Democratic state Attorney General Roy Cooper indicated that he may decide on whether or not to run for Senate in 2010 IN THE NEXT FEW WEEKS!

Polls by Civitas and Public Policy Polling already show Attorney General Cooper beating Republican incumbent Richard Burr (who has recently gained notoriety by blocking Tammy Duckworth's appointment to a Veterans Affairs post).

NY-20: Stick It to the GOP

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While I typically focus on Senate races, the special election in New York's 20th Congressional district is an excellent opportunity to stick it to the Republican Party.

NY-20 is a Republican leaning district in voter registration, but has been recently represented by now-Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and even narrowly supported now-President Barack Obama over John McCain.

The Democratic nominee, Scott Murphy, has turned a deficit in the polls into a narrow four-point lead over Republican Jim Tedisco. Momentum is on our side! A victory in this special election wouldn't just be a nice Democratic hold, but, since it is a Republican-leaning district, it would also be a major embarrassment for Republicans, particularly new RNC Chair Michael Steele.

GA-Sen, AK-Sen: Help Fund Overtime

Congrats on sending Kay Hagan to the Senate! Though Election Day has passed, North Carolina has the chance to help send more Democrats to the Senate!

With the Georgia Senate race headed toward a run-off election and the Alaska Senate race amid a protracted vote count, both Jim Martin and Mark Begich need your continued support!

Please, please, please make a contribution to them via the Expand the Map! ActBlue page this weekend!


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