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Good news: Atlantic Coast Pipeline delayed

Atlantic Coast Fracked Gas Pipeline delayed

Faced with a Monday deadline and a lopsided number of public comments opposing the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s administration has delayed until mid-December its decision on whether to permit the controversial project. Without fanfare or press release late yesterday, the state issued a four-page “request for additional information,” part of its duty under the federal Clean Water Act to ensure the natural gas pipeline won’t harm the over 320 rivers and streams and hundreds of acres of wetlands in its path.

The Usurpers, revisited

"If the usurper legislature does attempt to override the veto," Carter wrote in the letter dated Friday, "it opens itself up to litigation wherein the North Carolina State Courts may be asked to issue a declaratory judgment that the law is facially unconstitutional and void ab initio."

Who's the liar, Berger or Lewis?

Yesterday, Senator Phil Berger said:

"This is not a racial gerrymander. This is not a political gerrymander."

Three weeks earlier, Representative David Lewis said:

"We want to make clear that we are going to use political data in drawing this map. It is to gain partisan advantage on the map. I want that criteria to be clearly stated and understood.”

It's way past time for the courts to take his clusterfluck away from the legislature and draw new districts itself.

Why the legislature won't kill the education lottery

Back in the day, conservative leaders rightly took Democrats to task when they pushed through the NC Education Lottery. Ignoring progressive voices, the lottery became a major, if unreliable, source for funding public schools. It's been a blight on North Carolina ever since. Four years ago, I wondered out loud what Republicans if Republicans would kill the lottery given their control of the General Assembly.

More on Silent Sam

Here in Chapel Hill, the perennial question of Silent Sam is raising itself for consideration. Silent Sam is a statue on the campus of UNC that memorializes the confederacy. It was created on behalf of the North Carolina division of the Daughters of the Confederacy, with support from alumni of the University. Below are the inscriptions on the statue, from NCPedia.


Inscription left:

Tim Moore's moment of truth

Tim Moore was on Facebook this weekend, crying crocodile tears about the violence in Charlottesville. He apparently couldn't come up with his own words of condemnation, so he ripped off Thom Tillis: The hate, bigotry and violence on display in #Charlottesville is despicable and represents the complete opposite of what America stands for.

As we all know by now, one person was killed in Charlottesville, the victim of a Nazi driving a car into a crowd of protesters.

Political gerrymandering

US Senators were on the receiving end of sustained public anger this summer. The issue was healthcare, and people on both left and right said "enough." In North Carolina today, the issue is political gerrymandering. And it's pretty much now or never.

I don't know who's in charge of coordinating the resistance in our state, but whoever you are, it's time to get the masses in gear. Let's get a million people to tell the General Assembly to clean up its act.

Hey Josh

I see the DOJ's top issues listed here. Given the budget cuts, there's no way you can address them equally. Limited resources mean limited scope.

Here's what I'd do:

Take the opioid epidemic off the list of priorities. It's not so much a law enforcement problem as a public health problem. Make Republicans own it.

Calling Bob Orr, again

Here are some questions I hope Bob Orr sees and answers. For those who don't know, Bob Orr is an exceptional North Carolina citizen, who used to be on the State Supreme Court. He's the only sane and reasonable Republican I know, and I'd trust his answers to these questions.

What to do when you're down and out

Hi everyone.

I wanted to share a post I put on Facebook, asking for insights about coping with all the Republican ugliness that is going on around us. I found the comments enormously helpful and inspiring, so I though I'd post it here for those who don't do Facebook. Enjoy.


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