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What's left to say?

Not long ago, I was fed up to my eyeballs with Thom Tillis and his anti-American behavior. The election wasn't in full swing, and Tillis was scrambling to position himself as some kind of bipartisan hero working for all our citizens. In the months that followed, up to this very day, Tillis has devolved into the ugliest and most vile of creatures imaginable.

Sunday thinking

I don't know what to do with the upsurge of violence that's happening on the right. My gut instinct is to go out an buy another gun, which certainly wouldn't do much to help the cause of peace. I just don't know what else to do in the face of insane Trump Republicans.

Weekend open thread: Reclaiming red

I found myself lamenting the loss of words and ideas in liberal discourse. For example, we should be the ones who claim and define what freedom means. And we should never cede ground when it comes to something as basic as a color.

Two years ago, we ran a very successful campaign against GOP constitutional amendments using red yard signs. Now I've just ordered a red hat!

Veterans (finally) against Trump

Many longtime BlueNC community members are veterans, some are still in the reserves. And every single one of us is pissed off about the support Trump has gotten from the military. In fact, I've lost scores of friends from my days at the US Naval Academy because of their blind support for the worst president in history.

The GOP strategy depends on voters hating one another. I don't hate them, but I do feel sorry for them.

In case you've been hiding under a rock (perfectly understandable), you know that Republicans count on people hating one another. Indeed, one part of their strategy is to make themselves so loathsome that no decent person can stomach them. They're all about the gag reflex, and they're good at is.

Seems like a kind of Tar Baby thing, where they get you mired in their ugly ways, fighting against their blinding stupidity. The only thing they're smart about is luring you in. Horned lizards.

Day 169

I've been relatively quiet for the past month, mostly thinking and observing what's going on out there. Here's what's on my mind.

Thoughtful people are their own worst enemies. They seem compelled to express their worries out loud, spreading anxiety like the plague. If you're one of those worriers, please stop announcing your fears. If you have to say something, say something constructive like: "We have less than two months to put an end to the nightmare we've been living for four years. Get to work."

Signs of the times

Jane and I are doing all we can to encourage people to register and vote. We're part of a team that printed 600 yard signs and got them placed in southern Orange County. Days after they were put up, one volunteer saw a guy wearing American flag shorts taking the signs down and hauling them away. The next day another volunteer saw him again and asked him to stop. He threatened to run over her with his vehicle.

Police were called and they recovered 16 of the signs, many more had already been dumped at the landfill. The man was apparently completely unrepentant.

More on Madison

On Wednesday I wrote about North Carolina's newest liar, Madison Cawthorn. He's the fanatic running for the US House who's using his wheelchair to drum up cover for his many deceptions. I can't tell if it's sad or just pathetic.


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