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Each election is the most important in our lifetime. The next election is the most important in 286 years.

At a theoretical level, every election matters the most. But in reality, some matter more than others. Our very first national election, for example, revealed the US to be a country that understood the need for balance. Today, 286 years later, that understanding has been shredded by the imperial GOP and their sinister playbook. Suppress opposition voters. Stack the electoral deck through gerrymandering. Take control of the executive and judicial branches of government. Rinse and repeat.

Why are they doing this? Because we're letting them. That has to change, and it has to change this year.

The census cycle and the electoral calendar are conspiring to make 2018 THE most pivotal election since our country was created. At the federal level, the US Supreme Court hangs in the balance. In North Carolina, the ability of legislators to choose their voters and judges could be enshrined in government for generations. Nothing less than freedom and democracy are at stake.

Dear black women

Dear black women,

As I watched the HKonJ march in Raleigh today, I marveled at the impact black women had on the crowd. I see you as the foundation of the moral movement. Your presence, passion, and integrity set a high bar for political activism. You are the difference that needs to be made in 2018.

Twelve years ago, I wrote an essay entitled Dear women, where I appealed to the women of the world to please take over. Today, I’m specifically asking that of black women.


I'm hoping there will be some live-streaming of the march today. If it happens, you'll be able to find it here.


It takes money

Please join us for a reception honoring
House Democratic Leader
Darren Jackson
and his efforts to elect
a Democratic Majority in the NC House

with Special Guest
Speaker Joe Hackney

Thursday, February 22nd
5:30 to 7:00 p.m.
at the home of
Jane Brown and James Protzman
451 Lakeshore Lane
Chapel Hill, NC 27514

Sponsorships: $250, $500, $1000, $2500

Individual Tickets: $100

Tillis Amazon review: Zero stars

Being something of a hermit, I do quite a bit of shopping online. If I have the time ... and if I take the time ... I can find detailed information about the things I need to buy, as well as many opportunities for comparative shopping. Every now and then, I find truly extraordinary reviews, like the one below. I was looking for a simple pocket folder to carry the small amount of paperwork I need to keep nearby. This one cracked me up.

Tillis and Trump

I’ve never had much use for Richard Burr or Thom Tillis. Burr is a slacker frat boy, with literally nothing to show for his many years in Congress. Tillis, on the other hand, spends most of his time coddling and covering the many crimes of Donald Trump. Both are guilty of failing to uphold their oaths of office.


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