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Dark Robinson

How can a black man be a racist? For Mark Robinson, it’s easy. Here’s Frank Bruni’s take on the matter.


"The 2024 governor’s race in North Carolina just got underway. You care.

"Not because this state is the nation’s ninth most populous, though that’s reason enough. But because what happens here is a referendum on how low Republicans will sink and how far they can nonetheless get.

How does this sound?

Dear friends in the NC Democratic Party,

I hope your new year is off to a good start, I don't envy the challenges you're facing in Raleigh. Good luck.

I'm writing to let you know that Jane and I will be taking a wait-and-see approach for political contributions in the next cycle. We're discouraged by what's going on with our party organization and feel we are not being heard by leadership. We understand that a couple of old hippies in Chapel Hill aren't your top priorities, so we're letting go.

Crash their party

A lot of people take government seriously, which blinds them to the reality that we now have a government that doesn't deserve to be taken seriously. The US House of Representatives is nothing but a shit show, destined to get worse with every passing day.

Please. STOP.

Last week I received a dozen or so fundraising emails and texts, several from newly elected officials. I'd hoped these emails would reflect a change in communications strategy from the tired old drumbeat, but that was not the case. What I got was worse than the same-old same-old: consultant-driven emails without the slightest evidence of donor awareness. Here are two examples:

Are you still with us? We need your gift before midnight in order to make our fourth quarter goal!


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